Taurus November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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All throughout November, you will want to take more care of yourself. In case you happen to be feeling bad, just exercise. Your energy will be intensified by movement. At the same time, take vitamins and some minerals.

Grapefruit extract and echinacea supplements can work wonders for your immune system. November will have Tauruses more anxious, so they’ll have to minimize stress as much as possible.

At the same time, it will bring them great things in their professional life because they’ll be more communicative and eager to make new friends at work.

Bulls will make amazing profits for their company, so their success is going to be noticed. However, they need to remain humble and happy.

November 2020 Highlights

Tauruses will feel like their year is friendlier if they’re aware of their personal charm, influence and position. They should take advantage of all these things if they want to obtain benefits, also to emphasize their own independence.

Their main focus should be originality, so the more they use their creative energy, the better for them. It would also be a good idea for them to think life is sweet and to take care of others.

The Sun in Scorpio till the 21st is going to accentuate the importance of their other half and business associates. Their professional life will be made better by Mercury till the 10th, and Venus till the 21st.

They will be balanced and communicate greatly. During the 1st decan, the planer Uranus is going to be imposing as far as their temperament’s originality goes, so they should go beyond their own limits.

Mars in Aries will disagree with them, have them less confident, so they should avoid being dramatic.

The last 2 decans of the month may modify their life. Neptune will bring about more faith and objectiveness. This means they need to remain pragmatic for the 2nd decan. Starting with the 22nd and until the 30th, introspection is advised.

Taurus Love Horoscope for November

Relationships may be damaged by Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio. It’s very likely you’ll have darker thoughts and be more nervous. However, if using reasoning, you can clean your energies and make situations work in favor, ensuring your future is better.

With Jupiter in Virgo, you’ll be more intuitive and perceptive, also easier and calmer, whereas Pluto in Capricorn brings you a new vision on life. Mercury in Scorpio leaves room for disagreements.

Venus transiting through your 6th House until the 15th speaks of a war at home. It’s very likely you won’t have enough energy left to pleasure your partner in bed.

Tauruses need to keep in mind that their other half can’t always understand what’s going on with them, especially when they insist on being silent. Those of them who are single won’t come across the best opportunities to meet someone.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Mars and Venus in Libra will have Bulls more determined, ready for action, and inventive at work. They will come up with all sort of ideas and new projects.

Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio will help them develop strategies and form new partnerships. However, you must pay attention to Mars because it will have you less able to openly communicate with co-workers and business partners.

At the same time, Jupiter’s presence in Virgo will help you overcome any difficult situation in your workplace relationships. November will start rather badly for Tauruses, so these natives will have to pay more attention during this time period.

More than this, they may very often disagree with their business partners later. What they need to do in order to avoid conflicts is to remain prudent.

The first days of November will be beneficial for them at work if they collaborate with Leos. Libras will be their best accomplices if they want to hook up new customers and collaborate with suppliers they haven’t used before.

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