Taurus October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3910 views

News from afar this October or if you prefer to think of this as an occasion to enlarge your horizon, let’s go with this.

You will also benefit from some moments of awareness and diplomacy which will not only help you connect with those close to you but might also build up on your own self esteem.

You are keen to show your abilities and will try to do so, although the surroundings may not always be the most auspicious.

Other than this, work will mean a lot more effort for results you would in the past obtain a lot easier. This is also because you are maintaining a high degree of professionalism and prefer to go on the difficult road.

How you react

The first week will follow on the trend of the past days and will bring some emotional sides of yours, letting you acknowledge some of your weaknesses.

The relationship you have with your friends might be blessed but don’t expect for the stars to intervene in areas which might have been of conflict or such.

Some sort of unusual challenge might come your way during the first weekend and there will be very little time for you to decide on a course of action before things get out of your control.

This might pose some discussion about comfort zones and Mercury will probably be the one meddling in this.

What motivates you

Don’t take a look in the mirror and criticise yourself because this won’t take you anywhere. Don’t congratulate yourself either for things that aren’t even that special.

This calls for balance and refrain. Those around might not be able to help you with this because this is more of how you feel internally.

Around the 13th, practical matters will spring you back in action and although physically you might not be in the best shape at that point, you will ignore absolutely any ache or trouble and will go forward with what you have to do.

A good moment to spend time with children and the young in your life so try to involve them as well in what you have to solve.

A bit of shopping

And since we are talking about things that keep you going, it seems that this October you are not finding yourself any more excuses and you really go for some things you long wanted to purchase. It may be something that is purely for your own indulging or something that will be used by the whole family.

And after all, if you have worked for that money, it is up to you what you do with them. The only word of advice concerns the fact that you might feel entitled to certain things and this is not really the best attitude.

A lucky day around the 17th, perhaps courtesy to Venus, but remember that it is you who builds these occasions so don’t expect for something to fall from the skies. Run away from illusions and false optimism, especially when this comes from colleagues or people you don’t know that well.

Remember that your circumstances are most likely different from theirs and you cannot compare. And since we are approaching the work area, you will benefit from some interesting collaborations but you will have to fight a bit to see them in action.

This is happening either because you need to chase certain people or even worse, because you can’t find the right people you need. The latter might require some browsing through your network. Don’t dismiss anyone at a first glance because you have no idea how they could help you ahead.

What do you prefer

The last week of the month brings with it quite a tense climate, you are very focused with work and prefer to ignore some of the other things happening around you.

The current disposition seems to support this running of yours from responsibilities so you are left to your own devices.

But it might not be for the worst because those extra hours at work will most likely be recognized. Of course that it is the sooner the better but this time, it may not be the case so you’ll have to go through a bit of wait.

Don’t avoid any errands you have to run because some surprises and even financial gain are to come from that. The more boring the whole situation, the more chances for something spectacular to happen.

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