Taurus October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 4173 views

Be prepared for an emotional roller-coaster this October dear Taurus as it seems that not only will you be very undecided as to which are your next steps but you are also going to empathize a lot with those around.

This means that you are going to feel and breathe emotions throughout the month and to some extent, this will get you in contact with your own feelings. Those who will dedicate some time to meditation or any kind of spiritual activity may achieve surprising results.

Also, you may find that your reactions are a lot more mature and that you are able to link what you live now with past experiences.

Move away love shyness

You are going to be a really sweet and lovable person this October, perhaps because you will tend to keep a lot of your opinions to yourself and show only this diplomatic side of yours.

On the other hand, you are still going to work in the back to make sure things go as you wish and will play your hand at manipulating others more than ever. Your partner may come with some questions to you around the 17th, but you will prefer to avoid the subject and move away from that area altogether.

Surprisingly, this won’t put a dent in how things are between the two, but on the contrary, you will still receive the greatest respect for not getting involved where you don’t know enough.

Coming back to charm and shyness, these are going to be the cherry on the cake for all single natives and they may be able to get away with some obscene behavior because of this.

Expensive taste

You are going to chase new experiences in the first week of the month and this might end up with a hefty bill, this unless things are connected with work and thus it’s not you who is paying.

You are going to be very busy and may not take stress that well, therefore you will probably search for all sort of ways to release the tension that is accumulating.

Around the 10th, there will be some discussions at work in which you will be involved without your knowledge at first and then, without you agreeing. This also shows that despite your control on a particular situation, you couldn’t keep everything under check.

You may even bring these events at home and complain to your family but instead of compassion you are more likely to receive a real pep talk, something you do need but don’t necessarily want.

How healthy are you?

This question is likely to find a nice lodging place in the back of you head and is going to bring other friends with it, such as hypochondria and mania. It seems that in October you are going to be a very difficult patient and may end up soliciting medical support more than needed.

You may even put money forward for tests that can put your mind at rest. Any small ache or discomfort are likely to take huge proportions with you.

After the 20th, you may come across and spend some time with a person with similar opinions and complaints as you and it seems that despite all expectations for you to become worse after this, you are actually going to use this time as a wakeup call.

After seeing a mirror projection of your own behavior you may try to done down your reactions, something happily greeted by those dear to you.

Aspects of social life

It seems that this October will offer you the occasion to shine in an area you don’t have much expertise in, all because of the people you surround yourself with. You are capable of engaging them and showing them the direction ahead, all without getting into too much detail.

You are going to be both an inspiration and a pain for your friends and might end up postponing some meetings, just because you are not feeling the right vibes in regards to them.

The word of advice for you in regard to your behavior during the second half of the month would be to spend less time online and try to be less naive when it comes to the lives of those around because you are setting some impossible standards for yourself, something that can only lead to more and more frustration.

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