Taurus October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Partnerships and collaborations are going to be in the spotlight this October, so you will need to fight any isolationistic tendencies you might have. There will be of course moments in which you will prefer to do things by yourself just because it is faster, but these should stay in the minority.

You really need to embrace the fact that people are, in a lot of cases, better together. Your creativity will also be enhanced if you get to build up on the ideas of others. An active transit of Pluto will prompt you to spend more time with your peers and to use this time for mutual benefit.

Other favourable aspects may come from Venus, despite the retrograde movement and as well from the Full Moon occurring towards the end of the month. There are certain points in the month when you will feel like your brain is just super charged and there are so many things to be dealt with.

Whilst these moments are also stressful and can have quite a toll on your balance and even health, they are also useful to keep you active and in the game.


Astrological aspect of the month: Sun square Pluto occurring on the 10th is an intense aspect that will cause some agitation in your life and some dissatisfaction with the decisions made by authority. At the same time you are more prone to show who you are and what you fight for.

Important decisions to be made

You may find yourself a little selfish and pessimistic the first few days of this month and you will be reluctant in reacting positively to what others are doing or saying. This is not something to worry about and it might be just a capricious response.

As you are slowly moving under the influence of the New Moon in Libra on the 9th, these things will be ironed out and you will become more and more sociable and diplomatic with each day. Perhaps some natives are not even going to notice these changes, although the thought process will be completely different.

At work you will get the chance to have your work evidenced and even compared to that of your peers. You will feel very good in the spotlight, and there is no need to feel ashamed about it.

Around the middle of the month you are warned to be careful about important decisions and not to take any risks, especially those of financial nature. Don’t rush into travel either or into helping people when you are not completely familiar with the situation.

Your health status may take a bit of a dip around the 18th but there won’t be something major. Perhaps this is just the first of a series of signals of alarm that your body is sort of trying to transmit to you.

As the month approaches its end, you will again be encouraged, very evidently, at work, to collaborate with colleagues and you may find that you will be in the position to work with people you haven’t worked in the past and even change the setting of your work.

You should take things step by step and not consider this more of a challenge then it is, you are there to live and learn and you can do this at your pace.

Special: Your love life this October

You are going to benefit from a very busy October when it comes to your partnerships and all the relationships in your life because this area seems to be under a lot of star movement.

But this also means that these planets are bringing with them lessons to learn and choices to make and your mind will most likely feel very full at most times.

Venus is retrograding starting the 5th, exactly in your seventh house of partnerships and marriage, which means that some deep desires of yours are going to be startled. It may be that some people who definitely said no to marriage in the past, now are changing their minds and create havoc around them.

On the other hand, no matter how much order you wish to bring in your life, it is important to tone these things down and be careful, because extreme and final decisions are definitely not advised.

You may go through a rather tense period from the point of view of self-confidence too and you might doubt some things that you have done in relation to your partner or some things they may have said about you.

However, despite all of the above and especially in the second half of the month, communication is encouraged, and you are advised to sit down with your lover or love interest and understand what it is really going on in your life.

Some natives will benefit from priceless advice from the elderly in their family and although initially they might be reluctant in following it, eventually, they will find it very precious.

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