Taurus October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This October, you have the chance to make a fresh start in how you work and also in your health or diet.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the opportunities that have arisen, either in the workplace or in health, it's time to do it!

Expect some withdrawals or delays in current projects. You have probably been very busy lately and now you may feel a little dizzy. Health issues should take most of your attention.

You have more and more things to do and this tends to get you in a very productive and enthusiastic mood. Be sure that your efforts will be rewarded this month.

Plus, your creativity seems to be at its best. The full moon in Taurus can enlighten you on a personal problem.

From the middle of the month onward, some communication problems with your loved one begin, and somewhere in the last week of October you could make a definitive decision regarding the relationship.

October highlights

As a Taurus, in October 2019 you need to balance your life. You can get out of the monotony and you can adopt a new lifestyle. You can feel the need for adventures and you can travel.

The start of the month may announce some professional tensions and perhaps you will need to deal with some extra demands at work.

Keep people who can help close to you and don’t hurry in dismissing what they are saying, even if you don’t necessarily like what you are hearing.

This month you can meet your old friends from childhood. You will be concerned about social life during this period. Especially around the 10th, you will feel this increased need to be surrounded by people and showcase your lifestyle. Avoid being too flashy and self-important.

Risk appetite can be increased in professional life. This month you can make future plans and analyze your financial situation carefully.

The time spent with your family, especially during the second half of the month will bring you joy and tranquility. It’s a good time to negotiate some plans you are very fond of and you might even have better chances for things to be decided your way.

The end of the month might bring some sentimental tensions, especially if you are feeling like your partner is being very demanding and quite unreasonable with their expectations.

If you try to temper your mood, be sure that you can reach an agreement and sweeten up these tensions, especially around the 28th.

Taurus love horoscope for October 2019

If there is a fight in you, it will be best to move away from the others. You have to solve your problem by yourself. When you succeed, your personality will be stronger.

And thanks to the new wave of energy, nothing will stand in your way to enjoy October to the fullest.

With the 7th House of Love and Marriage empty most of the year, romance might not be top priority this month either. Friendships seem to be more important than engagement in serious love relationships.

When the 7th house is empty, it shows us that you have a lot of freedom in shaping your sentimental life, as you will and it does, but the problem is lack of interest.

Usually this shows an existing situation. The single ones tend to stay single, and the married ones tend to stay married.

Social life in general is much more stable too and there is a slow and steady expansion of the social circle. The relationships you will be involved in will be much deeper than usual.

It's a month for love adventures. In fact, the Taurus in love will contemplate on the merits of one type of relation to another type. Why marry and engage in all kinds of legalities, commitments, compromises, when you can have love without all this? And yet, the stability of a relationship with commitment also has its temptations.

Career and finances progress this month

You seem to be quite distracted as October starts and don’t seem to focus too much on your professional goals. You prefer to dwell between choices and would rather relax than start something new.

This attitude seems to shift as the month progresses and you will be a little keener on trying new things and getting back on track with work.

Because Venus governs the Taurus work house and Mercury governs the money house, the second half of the month is announced as profitable for Taurus, and their work income can increase, but not without difficulties and incidents.

Until you see yourself with money in your bank, you have to draw allies close to you, to put effort and to set correct priorities, but it would also require a more realistic appreciation of your skills and value.

The revenues from collaborations or from business with foreigners could decrease or renegotiate not exactly favorably for you - but the situation is only temporary.

Conflicts could occur at the end of the month if you try to impose your values system in front of superiors, colleagues or employees.

Perhaps you need to be moderate in terms of financial claims and not try to use an aggressive negotiation to have your way.

Health and wellbeing

Older events, memories, uncertainties come back and could potentially give you more than nostalgia.

Some natives may suffer with bouts of anxiety and feel quite shaken when certain situations trigger past events in their life.

It's a good time to analyze your current situation, draw a line and conclude: is it worth it to stay or does the context require you to leave?

Although you always prefer to go on the known and beaten path, you can now find yourself in the situation of making changes, of moving in a new direction. Which, in the end, can prove beneficial.

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