Taurus October 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The reigning Taurus planet, which is Venus, will have much good to offer the Bulls in October. Maybe the period starts with a few frustrations that could remain all throughout week one, but in the aftermath, everything is resolved.

The fervor for new romances plus the strengthening of the ones that already exist will make many Taurus smile. Mars, staying at an angle that is favorable, will push them to become less sedentary and some will join the gym or start going for walks.

It’s time to become more curious and open-minded, foster the desire for new and valuable things. Extra financial resources may come. Many benefits may arrive as well. See your goals through.

October 2020 Highlights

Taurus natives will opt to satisfy many interests in October. Emotionally and professionally, they can make use of the advantages that come from the finest opportunities till the second half of October starts.

Within their friends circle, Cancers will offer a way to travel abroad and come across various landscapes and cultures. Libra's friendship will create for them a path to connect with art at a closer level.

As their interests align, they take part in crafts and decoration courses. Aquarius and Geminis will back the efforts made by Taurus natives in this capacity. Aries and Taurus will be in privileged romantic spots.

Your partner might be unbearable for the first half of October, but also pretty creative and romantic. Tauruses, being peaceful people, have the ability to turn into a vexed whirlwind if provoked and that may just happen in October.

Confrontations with cousins, neighbors, siblings, and within the couple may happen nonstop. Sure enough, they will face many unpleasant situations caused by power struggles.

These situations happen in places with the most conflictual occurrences, whether at work, with family, or with friends. It shall be great if Taurus natives stay in their spot peacefully and take their usual active spectator role.

Taurus Love Horoscope for October

As Venus enters Virgo, an optimal collaboration will be fostered by you with those close to your surroundings and tied to your existence. You will have companions but your personal life may go through some trouble.

You face an exciting moment when you make plans to hold a reunion with friends or family last seen a long while ago. Make use of the holiday, let everyone relax, enjoy, and chat.

Neptune residing in Pisces makes you grasp the necessity of the friends and groups. This October will bring various shocking matters that relate to the heart. They shall be outbursts of jealousy that overwhelm you.

Due to this, Tauruses will become suspicious of the half’s loyalty and their suspicions might be unfounded. This will persist till the 20th.

In the meantime, it is comfortable to delve into completely unknown parts of yourself, delve into dark parts of your soul, the parts that you barely look towards.

On 21st and after, the weather will be brighter and there is going to be a lot of outings and fun with friends. The fun might be exhausting, maybe too tiring for Tauruses, who are slow.

Career and Finances horoscope

All through the month, successes of the Taurus’ negotiations in labor or the commercial field may be delayed and not easy. There may be many misunderstandings and delays, most of which will be reasonable.

The promotions and appointments scheduled for this time may not hold. Thus, be patient and hold on. Allow Mercury to leave its retrograde then go back to its straight movement, an occurrence that will happen next month.

Fear not, it gets better. There will be difficult power tussles, however, Taurus is going to be tough to oppose and these natives will savor the unusual lucidity at work.

Closing advantageous deals shall be easy for them but after clarifying dark points. Additionally, their mental acuity will be fantastic and worthy of their superiors’ plaudits.

In the time left, the Bulls best be devoted to assessing opportunities, weighing possible outcomes of different options, and studying the present course of tasks they are engaged in. By doing this, victory is certain.

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