Taurus September 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-08-19, 2701 views

Two eclipses to impact your practical spirit in the Taurus September 2015 monthly horoscope.  A new approach to love – that’s what the partial solar eclipse accompanying the new Moon in Virgo on September 13 is going to bring for you.

Your very sensual and sometimes indulging nature is well known, but now you need to cope a bit with the astrological context and to settle some rules regarding your love affairs, children and personal talents. At bottom, it’s your way of expressing love and talents that needs to become more practical.

Avoid manipulation

Perhaps you will show your love by doing nice things for your loved ones, like taking care of something (or even someone) dear to them or offering them a support in difficult moments. Only that, the aspects active in that sign of Virgo might cause you a tendency to become nagging on behalf of your desire to be helpful and supportive.

The end of the month is highly influenced by the total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon in Aries on September 28. This is going to result in angst due to the conflict between your long repressed eagerness to assert yourselves through your individual skills on one hand and the demands for concessions in the pursuit of a collaboration, on the other hand. Around the mentioned time, you might feel like being manipulated and the possible reaction could be of some sort of revolt. 

Inner revolt

A special warning: especially around September 28, there is a great risk that all the inner revolt which you might not be able to express could generate health problems, most probably linked to head. At the same time, the eventual feeling of being manipulated and of being taken advantage of could produce some backbone aches.

The best chances are to come from your home and family or from someone from your past who you might meet again with.

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