Taurus September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3692 views

This September will be a very alert month for you and will probably bring some changes in the relationships you have with those close. It may be something you have triggered yourself or something you have long been dwelling upon.

In any case, you will most likely welcome what is about to happen. There may be some circumspection required from you as well, especially when it comes to your health and mostly if you didn’t use this summer to get proper rest.

You might find that at times your heart is boiling with desire but this also brings some interesting bouts of possessiveness and jealousy. What is yours is only yours and what is not yet, will soon be.

This is your behavior when it comes to material things as well and although you are not necessarily chasing some kind of gain, most of your actions and oriented like this.

What you give and what you get

And talking about what motivates you, interestingly enough, although you will be focused in particular directions, the current disposition tends to help you obtain a lot more than what you are bargaining for.

The first few days are highly charged romantically so this is the time to open up to your partner. You can organize for you to do things together and it doesn’t necessarily have to be leisure.

You would be surprised by how well you can get rid of chores because you are in such a good mood, both of you. This is also happening because you inspire peacefulness and you have this attractive demeanor about you.

But it’s not all milk and honey and some degree of flexibility will also be required from you, especially if your partner has something they need help with or they need to be understood because they are heading into a more difficult period, professionally speaking.

Where do you rush

The challenges of the month seem to come more towards the 11th and will most likely focus around matters at work. Some discussions with colleagues are going to influence you more than usual.

These are exactly those moments of weakness that you need to stay away from because they can alter your train of thought and you might get into this haste of making rapid decisions, just for the sake of taking them and feeling one step ahead.

If you really want to place yourself one step ahead of everyone, then you will need to come up with something new and creative and organize things better rather than decide faster.

You love stability and predictability and the whole ruckus, somewhat the fault of Mercury, might start exactly from the lack of that, something you perceive as the fault of those you are working. Take things as they are and stop yourself from being passive aggressive. You will feel a lot calmer and will manage to put greater attention on details.

Keeping the distance

Around the 20th you will tend to keep some people at a distance because you might feel as if they are too tiring. This will most likely happen with people from your family and in some rare cases, might extend to your friends as well.

Your partner remains the only person to whom you will be able to open up, thanks to Venus. But the single natives need not to worry because they do have the interior resorts to manage this perfectly.

You need to discern whether this is something you are feeling now or is a reaction because of the glass finally being full with advice and other things you didn’t ask for. Stay away from real reactions to this and don’t throw any bitter words into the mix either.

If you can’t keep yourself from that, you will most likely be the one who is humiliated by the behavior and the amends you will have to make later on will be very costly, emotionally speaking.

Sweet release

A bit of soul searching towards the end of the month, perhaps you are looking back and you are not very happy with what you are seeing there.

The word of advice in this direction is to focus more on the short term in case you have some plans. These changes don’t appear overnight and you need to show patience.

Mars will also release you from some things that have kept you from going place, either that it actually is something practical or only some thoughts you’ve had. Enjoy the few last days of the month because they will offer you greater exposure.

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