Taurus September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 3833 views

Have fun as much as you can this beginning of September because things are going to turn a lot more serious in the second half of the month. To be honest, there is a great mix of fun moments and new experiences and more responsibility which in turn will lead to more financial gain.

You may be surprised by new connections you build with friends or with new people and will tend to speak a lot more freely about yourself and your wishes in life.

At some point during the month, you may feel slightly overwhelmed, especially during the transition days in which you will have to give up all the fun of a holiday and get back to “boring” work. But it seems that if you dose your energy properly, you won’t feel this as bad and the accommodation period will be small enough.

Nostalgic times

The first week will pose some nostalgic questions to you and you will be quite happy to move in this direction. You will pursue any challenge that has you remember the past, even if this is not necessarily the happiest.

Some natives will feel slightly lost at first, perhaps because they have not experienced this exercise before. Luckily, your friends will be quite supportive and perhaps will even get in the game themselves.

At some point, you may start asking yourself some question that have to do with your current life and you will probably observe yourself how you move from thinking about the past, towards what is happening now. This journey of thoughts might help you gain more insight into your emotions.

Playing in the big league

Starting with the 11th, the nature of some work relations is changing and you might find that you are spending a lot of time in the company of your managers or other superiors. Either that you contribute with useful advice or similar.

Don’t take anything for granted thought because what is happening now may change in an instant. You are used to making a good impression and you should continue trying to do so.

A family event will help you reconnect with family in case you are spending way too much time at work so try not to stress about these things. Some natives will simply have to stay true to themselves and this will work out.

Around the 16th, there may be an episode that will leave some questions hanging, perhaps you enter in some kind of argument or say something you will then regret.

Love troubles

Remember when we mentioned responsibilities in the second half, well, prepare for some worries to come your way, some that are realistic, others that you will exaggerate, more or less consciously.

Some natives will face a romantic challenge, perhaps because they are pressured by their loved ones or family to take the next step. Speak about future plans, be responsible and don’t promise anything you know you cannot deliver.

With this sense of responsibility, a sense of self awareness and confidence should also come and you shouldn’t dread saying exactly what you think and being yourself.

If your loved one is not happy with this, perhaps not your reluctance in taking the next step is the problem and you should look deeper than this.

Seeking guidance

You are easily distracted towards the end of the month and although some may confuse this with a free and creative spirit, you should also see it for what it is, lack of motivation. You will find it hard to concentrate and stick to one goals and you will keep wanting to pursue something else.

This is one of those moments in which an elderly person in the family could potentially play an important role in setting things straight, but this, only if you let them. It will take a lot of courage to admit what is going on and let others advise.

Perhaps if you stop seeing this as a failure of some kind, you will be able to seek and accept guidance and things will run smoothly.

Beware of some social plans after the 28th, because they are not really the best fit for you and you shouldn’t get that enthusiastic about them.

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