Taurus September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Your focus this September should be on keeping things as simple as possible and on trying to stay as close to those around as possible. For you, this is going to be a month of collaboration and of efforts that are a lot easier to cope with when you are in good company.

On an emotional level, you might also be craving for a sense of community and for those who wish to take things to the next level, there are chances to mend some bridges that have been burned a long time ago.

During the first half you might find it hard to delegate parts of what you do, because you still don’t feel confident enough in others or because you don’t see how busy and overwhelmed you actually are.

This September you might also be able to see a new, more competitive side of yours, especially in personal relationships. The current disposition will not allow you to compromise and you will stand your ground, even in the company of very important people.

With Saturn’s location in your third house, you might find yourself a little bit possessive with your home and what you have in there, but surprisingly, you will also be able to communicate clearly what it is that is bothering you.

Should you wish to use all of the above in one big project this September, then perhaps have a think about remodelling your home or similar.


Astrological aspect of the month: Saturn trine Uranus is one positive aspect that sheds light on some kind of life change that will alter the way you view your life and what your reaction to adversity usually is. You are gaining resilience at a moment when things are settled so you can apply it when things become erratic.

In an out of self-censorship

When it comes to the first week in particular, your expectations, especially of your performance at work, are rather grandiose, and not very linked to reality.

This is why there is a high risk for you to be disappointed and to feel like you have not achieved as much as you would have wished.

And of top of this, there is the Mercury sextile Venus disposition that will induce some rather relaxing vibes in your life, allowing you to get easily distracted, whether by social events or similar.

You are very charming so it’s not really your fault that other people keep searching for your attention, or at least this is the excuse you are putting forward.


Watch out! Around the 12th, with the debut of Mercury opposite Neptune, there may be some confusions going on so do expect that your actions in your professional life are going to be misunderstood.

It is as if you have a very subjective filter on your eyes and all the decisions you are making are greatly influenced by it. And it’s not even rose tinted glasses, but rather a combination of pessimism and a sensation that no matter what you are doing, it is not going to be good enough.

Luckily, step by step, as the month progresses, you will release yourself from this predicament and might even reach the point where you are completely direct and uncensored. This will only give you further wings when the Sun trine Mars aspect descends upon you on the 25th.

This is an aspect of self-confidence and optimism, one throughout which all the doubt in your life will be eliminated and you will feel very comfortable in your own skin.


Enhance! This is a good time for last minute initiatives this September and it seems that good results will be obtained when working with people you have already known for a while.

Special: Your love life this September

The Sun appears to be residing in your house of relationships for the majority of the month, meaning that activity on this front may intensify, especially as you may discover that you are great with sweet words.

Single natives are going to be the happiest and may find that, upon returning from any summer holiday, they are now in a better position and really know what they want.

They are charming, smooth and funny so it will be rather easy to attract the interest of someone they are attracted to, if only they feel confident enough.

But be careful because, especially if you are amongst those who have been in a relationship for a while now, sweet words are not going to favour you an easy escape if there are things you have promised you would do and you haven’t. The wrath of a scorned partner will get to you, no matter how well you may try to hide.

Around the middle of the month there is an unfortunate chance of conflicts, perhaps starting from material aspects and the word of advice for you is to try and be more reserved.


TOP TIP of the month: Towards the end of September, your love life might be shaken by a relationship from the past that returns in the spotlight and whilst you might not be interested in entertaining any thoughts about it, there is this feeling of nostalgia that is still lingering.

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