Taurus September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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You may prefer to be left alone to pursue your own projects this September, and because of your concern for what to do. On an attached note, you may be insensitive to the needs of others earlier in the month.

Work relationships and health problems should improve, and from the second week of the month, you will have a greater willingness to compromise on aspects of your relationships that have been previously open to dispute.

Watch out for the third week of September because you may have to deal with difficult circumstances at home or some chores that are long overdue.

Finally, your merits are acknowledged and you will be rewarded abundantly for your efforts at the start of this Autumn. It is a very good month both professionally and financially.

Autumn comes with great news for you Taurus too, but in exchange, for things to advance on the same positive note, you must take every opportunity and make the most of it.

September highlights

In September 2019 you may encounter some small problems and may either get a fine or similar. Your behaviour will not stay unpunished so make sure you are not breaking the law. Also, don’t let yourself carried away when with your entourage when something seems to good to be true.

Aspects formed during or around the 1st of September indicate that you start the month on a good note but be careful because some controlling tendencies of yours might surface during the first week.

This month is proving to be financially excellent. Revenue may be rising. Property sales are favoured this month and you can get a good price. It is advisable to steer clear from buying valuable things this month because the investment may not be profitable for you.

If you are in a recent relationship, it would be best to avoid conflicting discussions during this time and to try and spend your time getting to know the other person, but not being in any way judgmental.

Most of the Taurus natives can expect harmonious relationships in September. The stars clearly show that, especially in the family, good mood will be dominant.

Therefore, the benefits of this period can be used when you have to solve more serious problems, as well as when planning your future, especially up until the end of the year.

During the second half of the month you will be a lot more impatient than usual, but if you are easily overcome by nerves, it is best to break you’re your activities in small pieces and also to have something ready to do to occupy your time when you are waiting for others.

During or around the 23rd, problems with your friends or in your entourage can return or you may find that certain projects or long-term plans are causing you too much financial damage.

Towards the end of the month make sure you are fully serious and invested at work because some of your tasks there are going to be rather complicated.

Taurus love horoscope for September 2019

Venus, your governing planet will benefit you this month by offering you more energy but it may be that you choose to use it for work and not for romantic endeavours.

But luck is on your side romantically too. Of course, all of this will not come on its own and you need to be more consistent, keep close to your loved one, motivate, maybe even appeal to their emotional side.

You are quite stubborn this month when it comes to showing any emotional vulnerability, so if you are just getting to know someone new, this might create you some problems.

With both Mercury and Venus in your fifth house, you are quick to respond to love advances but not very attentive otherwise.

On the soul side, September is very beneficial, especially after the 20th, when some real emotional connections can occur. Some events may give you this vibe of a deja-vu but this is likely just in your imagination.

You will probably feel the need to look for otherworldly explanation where not the case so be careful about seeing or reading too much into basis events.

There will of course be, as part of your lucky strike, some “right person at the right time” instances, but let them just be some joyous coincidences.

Career and finances progress this month

If in the first half of the month Taurus natives are dwelling between love and work, it seems that around the 14th, the interest to new projects and career changing ideas will peak.

You are looking for ways to increase your income but are not very desperate about this so luck will be on your side.

A profitable period will be for you around the 20th, financially speaking you can pay off some debt and even make a good investment. Stress from work may increase but you will not seem to mind it that much.

Until you see yourself with money in your wallet, you have to draw plans and budgets, make efforts and set the right priorities, but it would also require a more realistic appreciation of your skills and value.

Conflicts could occur at the end of the month if you try to impose your value system in front of your superiors, colleagues or employees.

Health and wellbeing

Venus, the planet that governs the Taurus sign, enters the tenth house of work, shortly after comes Mercury, the planet of communication, also at work and health, which can benefit the Taurus natives, as they will feel more energetic, they will feel that they have the divine luck with them, that they are supported by the Universe.

You will benefit not only from a generally good health state but also from a lot of creativity, imagination. You will feel like you are being well looked after and appreciated by all in your life, so you will give maximum efficiency in what you have in your plans.

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