Virgo April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 3437 views

This April might not benefit from the shiniest start but things are gradually going to sound and look better so don’t worry too much. The first two weeks are going to be quite stressful for the natives who are trying to adjust to an important change in their lives, either a new work place, moving house or perhaps living with someone new.

The good news is that some things seem to settle down in your love life, this applying especially for natives who are in new relationships and are finally past that smitten phase and can now just go on with their lives.

Working in a different way

A good period for natives who are set to take part in interdisciplinary projects or work with people from different cultures. You are absorbing information and different customs just like a sponge and appear to be very open and charming.

Not only you will manage to get things moving but people will actually conclude you are an agreeable person to work with.

Around the 12th some supplementary income might come your way but it will have a price attached to it, so it is either that you are prompted to take a credit or that you enter in a complex contract with some money upfront but a lot of responsibilities ensuing.

This might just add more irritability and pressure to the mix, thus you’ll be very hard to understand. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to pity yourself or expect someone to save you from this state.

There is also no point in being a drama queen or succumbing to depression for just a few days of pressure. The rest of the month will come a lot easier but you need to have some faith.

Words are important

The second half of the month welcomes Mercury in a fellow earth sign, Taurus and this can only mean that you will be even more interest in expressing how you feel and explaining your actions in as many words as possible. And you are going to love words and using them with different meanings, at times baffling even those who know you very well.

Around the 17th this will reach a peak level of awkwardness at work if you don’t adapt your behavior to the office etiquette and you surely don’t want to waste time giving explanations or dodging weird looks.

A bit of discomfort might be felt at home because you don’t really seem to be on the same page with elderly people in your family.

And it’s not necessarily because you are way too straightforward or futuristic but more like because you refuse to acknowledge some responsibilities and force them to get too involved in your life. Not a good time to make the psychology of those relationships so pick your battles wisely.

A difficult circle to break

Your professional life will also have to face the boundaries of laws and documents and you might feel as if you don’t have enough freedom of movement. This will probably stress you enough as to create some outbursts at home or with your friends.

If you don’t find the time to explain them what you are going through, they won’t understand where this is coming from and you might notice them distancing from you. With some it might be just temporary, but new friendships relationships that haven’t yet been forged might suffer and break entirely.

This stress might also bring some difficulty focusing and might affect most aspects of your life and you won’t be able to understand what’s going on or track it down so you’ll kind of stick in a circle of anguish.

Culminating in culture

As the end of the month approaches new lights are showing up, starting with some new work prospects and culminating with a peak passionate time at home. This might also be started by some cultural endeavors, either that you plan them or are initially dragged there by your significant other.

Some natives might feel more than inspired by this but they will probably be too tired from all the stress and ruckus of this month to actually act on their ideas. It would be a good thing to safeguard those for later times, who knows who you’ll be able to impress with them at some point or another.

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