Virgo April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 3986 views

It seems that this April will be one of self development for you and although there won’t be any situations of importance, you will actively seek to create them in order to challenge yourself.

Open to new activities, especially at work and with your friends, you don’t seem to let anything slip. Some natives might even get the chance to come in contact with some important people, people who could help them with their future.

The word of advice is to focus on what you do best, no matter how attractive or not it is to others. A bit of caution in regards to where you spend your money will also help you navigate smoothly through this month.

Listen to your intuition

You are very attentive to detail during the first week of April and this means you catch every nuance of speech and then probably hold everyone responsible for what they said. You are not keen on people not doing what they said they would, especially if you depended on them.

Be careful with long term decisions and actually listen to your intuition. You will spend quite some time dwelling between choices and therefore you also risk overthinking the whole situation.

Unexpected help might come from friends, especially from someone you didn’t even know went through a similar situation.

Around the 8th, you are trying to pose into a confident and self assured person in front of someone new but it seems that are going to challenge you and get on your nerves quite a bit.

Matters of work

A situation from work is going to get you quite enthusiastic during the second week of April but the more you see how demotivated those around are, the less you start to care too.

On one hand, this prevents you from being disappointed but on the other, it also doesn’t let you work your hand at changing something there.

Overall, it seems that Saturn is actually helping you with progress at work so perhaps your efforts will be recognized after all.

A colleague will ask for help and this might put you in quite a sensible situation, especially since you don’t want to offend them. You are generally helpful but perhaps this comes at a bad time or you are trying to prove a point.

Jealousy ahead

The second half of April will see Venus in action and this means both passion and jealousy at play. Whether this is happening because you are not spending enough time with your partner or you actually have some reasons of doubt, it is up to you to handle it.

The only word of caution is not to throw words out there because this can easily degenerate in a conflict.

The tense situation at home will stick to you everywhere you go and won’t let you focus, therefore affecting you more than you can imagine. Those natives with children should think twice before they start such discussions.

It seems that some sort of escape is going to come from your friends, perhaps a social outing at which you can participate with your partner and rekindle what you have in common.

Easy solutions

During the last week of April you seem to put great focus on money but for selfish purposes. You want to pamper yourself but at the same time don’t want to spend any of your hard earned money and therefore are seeking ways to get some easily, like contests or borrowing from others.

Whilst the first alternative might be a soft one, especially if it doesn’t involve you spending other money or taking any risks, the second one is not only childish but also damaging to the image you have in front of your friends.

Saturn also moves your focus back to your home and therefore will spend some time dwelling between design decisions or buying the millionth accessory, you deep inside know you don’t really need.

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