Virgo April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This April will bring some steady and beneficial transits into your life, but at the end of the day, it will be up to what decisions you make, whether you will make the best out of it.

In a complete turnaround, your good fortune switches towards aspects of your relationship and the way you engage with other people in your life. You are eloquent and convincing but sometimes may lack the necessary passion to actually close the deal.

With Mercury retrograde in Aries your focus is on gaining leverage from new opportunities but also on committing as little as possible.

You are willing to invest money in all sort of endeavors but are less willing, than usual, to invest a lot of your time and energy, although the Sun, in Taurus, is boosting your energy and your vitality.

In fact, this April you will be rather protective of yourself, with an understanding that you sometimes need to slow down in order to stay healthy. However, you will still be required to do what it takes, remember, you need to make hay while the Sun shines.

During the second half of the month you will develop a keen interest in aspects of the spiritual world. You may even try to escape in this direction to avoid the volatile aspects that may be developing at home.


Enhance! Your creativity can only be directed towards practical endeavors this April so you might want to focus on perfecting the details of projects you have already going on, rather than look into starting new ones. Think of your free time as well and how to increase, not minimize it.

Rapid changes of mind

Appearing to practice very little to no restrain, the first few days of April will bring a rather tense disposition.

You don’t seem to trust anyone and the fact that your mind is very active under the Mars conjunct Saturn disposition, doesn’t seem to be of much help either.

You may rise suspicions against old time friends and may even reach a point where you offend them with your accusations. Your confidence will be slowly restored towards the 8th as you move under the Venus trine Saturn influence.

This is a great aspect for long time investments but you need to think sensibly. This is not a time to take major risks and you need to make sure you can count on those close to back you up. Perhaps this is why you will also change your mind regarding your friends.

When faced with an investment or an endeavor to play with, you are emanating optimism and enthusiasm and this is going to be contagious. Keep others informed of your progress will increase your prestige.


Watch out! Your peace in the workplace may be in for a dip, as embarrassing episodes may surface. With a lot of tact and diplomacy you can move away from these moments. Get frustrated or even angry and you may tarnish your reputation.

Love is all that matters

The Venus sextile Neptune aspect between the 10th and the 14th promotes romantic encounters and a caring attitude. You will be rather prudent to begin with, especially if you’ve just embarked on a new relationship.

Your mental energy will also be at an all time high and it seems that with Venus in the sign of Taurus, creative endeavors are benefited, especially if their purpose is to beautify the lives of those around.

You will need to maintain a cordial relationship with everyone you come across, although this may be rather difficult as you will find out. You are quick to have your say and won’t take anything from anyone.

The Mars Neptune sextile peaking on the 14th will have you engage in further romantic plans but you will still have some selfish desires.

You are more adaptable than in the past week now so this is a good time to get stuff done around the house and even say yes to some changes promoted by your partner.


TOP TIP of the month: With a New Moon in Aries on the 16th, you are in the position to finally clarify some ambiguities that have been lingering in your life, most likely referring to financial and personal partnerships. Don’t hesitate to tackle sensitive topics out front, no one is perfect.

Romance and authority

The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th will set out the romantic mood for everyone but half of your mind will be focused on some sort of financial endeavor. If you play your cards right (figuratively and not only), you may be in for a win.

Most natives will have already thought what they want to do with the money but there may be a few who are still open to possibilities. Should you be one of these, you might find that travel is the best idea for you.

Under the Mars Jupiter sextile, you are more inclined to taking risks of all sorts, although these are still rather calculated in your life. There is spirit of initiative and also more engagement with those around.

You may even end up inviting some work colleagues to an outing of some kind where there will be both business and love matters discussed. A little distrust may surface in your relationships, most likely due to a recent miscommunication that has been left untreated.

On the 24th, a notable event will take place, with Venus entering the 10th house. Authority is going to be very important in your life, you are going to listen to your superiors and be further on, very respectful to the elderly in your life, whether they are right or not.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mars sextile Jupiter aspect forming between the 22nd and the 27th will leave you stronger and more courageous. You are finally listening to your instincts and are therefore becoming even more attractive for your love interest.

Increased receptiveness

Saturn’s position in Capricorn is a rather soothing one for your sign, especially because it gives you that feeling that what you are starting now is going to turn into a long and successful endeavor.

You may even get the chance to reap some results before anyone else involved could. On the other hand, what is demanded of you is total implication.

With the Sun trine Saturn aspect on top of you between the 27th and the 30th, you will tend to stay well balanced and your work ethic will be enhanced.

Your partner may also discover that you are more receptive to their wishes and will empathize more than usually. This doesn’t mean that everyone will steer clear of temptation though, some natives may still want to play with the fire.

The Full Moon on the 29th will sort of set out the mood for the next two weeks at least. Should you wake up in a good mood on the day, then everything is going to work out just fine. Should you wake up in a bad mood, everything is definitely going to go wrong (in your opinion) – so why should you even bother?

The above should function as a warning, for you to understand how your mind can potentially play with you and your perception of your actions.

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