Virgo April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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With the arrival of April, career difficulties are overcome, but Virgo still has a lot of energy, so those in this sign will not be quiet.

You will be attracted to everything that is new and unexplored. During this time, you can improve your knowledge or physical condition. Do not be afraid to go out and practice some sports with your friends.

You are more and more dissatisfied with some aspects of your mindset, more precisely the way you approach social interactions. Even if it should be a month of fulfilment and good will, it will prove to be extremely tense.

The worries that you have every day remove you from the real essence and you cannot be happy as long as you do not learn to relax. Fortunately, only this month will be worse in this regard, then you will calm down and you will be able to look at life with other eyes.

April highlights

This month, you'll be amazed by your close friends and the great influence they can have in your life if you spend enough time with them. You feel the need for everything to be in order and - to have no care in the world - whatever it will be!

Your attitude is all the more appreciated as some entourage people seem to be going through hard times in material terms - largely because of their own negligence. If you are asked for help, you can offer it, but as long as your own savings are not affected.

During or around the 12th, some tensions could surface between you and a figure of authority in the home and this might degenerate in a full-fledged quarrel. Don’t’ worry too much though because after a couple of days of friction, someone wiser from the family will take upon themselves to harmonize things.

This may also seem like a month full of responsibilities and key professional situations. Fortunately, these moments will alternate with some of an unprecedented romance.

Especially the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 20th will bring you an unexpected infusion of tenderness and warmth. Jupiter is in the house of love all year, so it will be more than welcoming when a new person comes into your life.

On around the 28th, Mercury strives to bring you an important achievement at a self-development level, so this month is full of surprises! You may also be more inclined than ever to practice yoga or meditation.

Virgo love horoscope for April

In April, the stars might put your love life in a spin with an unexpected turn. You tend to be quarrelsome and you do not realize when you are wrong, which can give rise to frustrating moments, especially when you are sort of testing your partner’s patience. It is important to keep your reason and not to act impulsively.

You will find it hard to embrace your love strategy in the extremely dynamic reality of April, so expect surprises and unpredictable elements, especially when it comes to communicating with a love interest. Things will be the more exciting for the single natives.

Love is manifested more through discussions that touch sensitive areas during the month of April, which will cause you to reach a certain degree of mastery in managing situations, especially in relation to the elusive trends that your partner may bring forward.

After the 20th, you will spend less quality time at home, and you will always feel like you are on the run so you will likely feel guilty about this.

Career progress this month

Careers, ambitions, and the desire to achieve something in life this month are well backed by Mars' presence in your tenth house, but you have to make an effort to fulfil your dreams, or else nothing comes to fruition.

But you are more prepared to defend your interests, than you have been in the previous month. You are much more stubborn and eloquent, so ready to stand by your cause and make yourself heard.

Be careful though, because your attitude may be perceived as aggressive by those around you!

Carefully choose your words and be careful not to talk gibberish, not to reveal too much about your life to others in the public space.

Some natives may be faced with a clash of authority around the 18th, perhaps with someone they may have been in conflict earlier this year.

From a financial point of view, in the second half of April, you could get help from your mate and get rid of some debt that stresses you. You could also benefit from opportunities to join or make an investment with someone. But you could also need to give some explanations, perhaps for tax purposes.

The Full Moon occurring on the 19th will be especially meaningful for you as it will activate your financial house and mark the moment when you end up paying something you’ve been paying at for a while. After this date, you could much more easily get the resources needed to develop your career.

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