Virgo April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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It appears that a great focus will be kept on financial matters this month and you will even think about ways in which to make use of your talents, for financial gain.

News about this in relation to a partnership or perhaps a family business might be on your agenda. You should be planning well in advance most of your steps.

The intuition and sense of responsibility will come into play. There should be a lot of activity connected to your personal sources, some unexpected expenses related to your line of work might come in.

With the arrival of April, Virgos benefit from plenty of energy but they seem to use it for the benefit of others rather than that of their own. You are certainly not quiet and may become attracted to everything new and unexplored. During this period, you can improve your knowledge or physical condition.

April highlights

At the start of the month a series of disagreements may creep in between you and your life or business partner. But you can use even these difficult moments to forge strong relationships and to put everything you are feeling and thinking on the table.

Around the 10th there is a favorable period for traveling with your family or even for unforgettable moments at home.

Around the 14th, a heavy period at work is foreshadowed where you will spend more time thinking about work than you would like.

Do not make decisions in a hurry, without consulting with those also concerned in the matter, especially if money may be involved. Try not to let jealousy and possessiveness control you. This could happen even in relation to work colleagues.

These tendencies can continue until the 26th, when you have to change something in your perspective on the concept of trust. Then comes a situation that highlights some of the knowledge or experience gaps you have to solve.

Virgo love horoscope for April

The first weekend of April commences with the Jupiter Pluto conjunction in your fifth house, that of love, an activity which triggers a new emotional and creative cycle.

The natives who have no partner, could find someone and start a relationship as they have never met; it would be harmless to try to reduce everything to what they know or have lived up to now in the sentimental plane.

It is time to embark on a new sentimental adventure, with new ideas and mentalities, and avoid the behavioral patterns taken from parents, no matter how out of hand this may be.

If you are part of a formalized relationship or a relationship with a certain age, you have the inspiration to re-establish it, to restore it and strengthen it. Be open to new and changing rules after which you have worked until now.

Between the 11th and the 25th, Mercury’s transit through the fifth house of intimacy could result in the birth to a more or less secret passion, or a desire in the natives to become more oriented towards issues of intimacy, mutual trust, and dedication.

During the last week of the month, tensions, misunderstandings or even jealousy attacks may occur. Approach with wisdom and patience the sensitive issues of your relationship, whether it is formalized or not, and try to look at things as rationally as possible, in the long term.

Career and finances

You will not have any patience when it comes to work matters and will keep everyone under great stress, including yourself. Perhaps you need to recalibrate your wishes and your perspective on life and see what it is that you truly care about.

The second week of April could come with some kind of life lesson for you and you will need to wait for others’ help, a situation that will not be very pleasant for you.

Use the spare time to help someone close with a professional endeavour of theirs, because this action will be much appreciated and the favour returned, when you most need it and least expect it.

Regarding the financial side, most Virgos have a good period and some may even manage to get an important sum of money.

Health status

April is going to be a busy month from the point of view of health if we are looking at the transits of the warrior planet Mars and the karma planet Saturn through your house of health.

In some Virgos, innate tendencies to hypochondria are going to be reawakened and so, overnight, some natives will start focusing incessantly on diets or medical treatments.

Rather than worry, focus your free time on what really matters, reorganize your daily schedule and document yourself about a truly healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you could also put it into practice, but following a clear and well-developed plan.

The end of the month will bring you new insight into your state of health, but also in terms of the relationship between emotional, mental and physical health.

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