Virgo August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 4108 views

You know how often it is easier to try and prevent than to have to deal with full on problems. Well, this is a lesson you surely are trying to preach this August and by which you will abide word by word. This is a month marked by cautiousness and responsibility and you really are trying to make the right moves.

At the same time, you are attentive with those around so I wouldn’t be surprised if you manage, in between your own problems, to make a good impression to someone important.

This last summer month also announces a bit of excitement on the love plan but of course, again, it is something assumed and something that helps you relax but might also lead to something more serious.

Knowing what to do

You are keen to show your abilities and the first 4 days of August will let you do just that. There may be some bad mouthing and a few issues caused by some coworkers but you don’t let this affect you.

What may affect you though, is having to deal with practical issues, be them caused by the above mentioned or not.

But again, you show that you are the better person and move forward with your head straight. This is also a lesson about not abandoning when things get difficult, even with the price of exhausting yourself.

Those natives for whom the holidays are fast approaching are allowed to exaggerate this work because they will soon get the well-deserved relief but those who just got back from those free days should dose their energy wisely.

In love and in life

Venus is prompting you to be tonic and noisy and this will be contagious no matter how sad those around may be. Around the middle of the month you seem to leave stress aside and separate work from your personal life. And again, you will prove to be an expert at doing so as well.

This is when you have the best chances to live those nice moments mentioned above, when you are most relaxed and charming and when you attract people who are just like you.

Mercury however, brings a bit of doubt in your heart and you might have a few days of double language, not knowing exactly on which side to situate yourself. This also happens because you don’t want to be taken as a fool or make any foolish mistakes yourself.

Some natives may have to travel, even for work, but this will still lead to building up some new memories.

Unexpected optimism

But in order to make things even, Mercury will also look out for any auspicious returns of your actions and might prompt you to make certain decisions in key moments. So listen to your intuition and your logic.

Perhaps you may not get exactly what you want, especially if your expectations are too high, but surely the result will get close to the mark.

And since we are talking about intuition, this also help with the young ones, either that they are your own or distant family. You have the occasion to set a good example without sounding as an old bore.

Around the 18th, some personal events will bring new bouts of optimism and you won’t feel as pressured by worries as you used to. Too bad this will only be a temporary reprieve and you will soon get back to your usual pessimism.

Taking every word

Communication will be central to your endeavors during the last week of August and you will put a lot more price on individual words. For some natives this might have a serious component as well, not only an emotional one.

This may translate into having to sign documents, dealing with agreements and surely interpreting every stroke of pen and reading the small print.

When it comes to the emotional side, you are closer to what people are actually saying and prefer to react with a small delay just to be sure you have understood where they are headed.

In this respect, male natives will benefit most and perhaps may get out of this with some good rules to use in the future as well, especially when interacting with the opposite sex.

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