Virgo August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 4599 views

This August will build up on your self confidence but at the same time, in order for this to be done, you will have to give up some past habits. This is a great period for you to reinvent yourself but something must be given in return of these chances.

You benefit from great support from people from work, even though they may not know exactly your situation. This August is also about to bring some very interesting financial changes in your life. You may have more to administer than you have had before.

Couples benefit from peaceful times but there are clouds of storm as well, especially for those who are not communicating as they should or who have changed something in their routine or lifestyle, recently.

Busy times

Whilst the above discusses so very good occasions and chances, it seems that the very first days of August will be quite harsh on you, either with travel or a lot of events at work. You will probably feel very tired for the first five days and will keep dragging this towards the weekend.

Luckily, the first weekend seems to be quite peaceful and you might be able to catch up on all that half-slept nights. That weekend is also great for spending time with children and young people in your family, with the advice that you shouldn’t impose your opinions on them.

The more you refrain from dispensing advice, even if it comes from your own experience, the better. Each person has their own decision to make and no matter how much you talk, things are going to end up just how everyone wants or works towards.

Complicated choices

And since things are cooling down for a bit, after the 10th, you might get some time to re-evaluate some past work decisions. You will be quite harsh with yourself and some natives might end up acting really fast on the decisions they make right now.

For some, this might even mean changing employer or similar. Beware of conclusions that will impact your family as well, especially if you continue to be stubborn and want to take them on your own.

Remember those clouds on your love skies, it seems that this is exactly what I was referring to. Also, maybe it’s not really the best idea to shower your partner with gifts or travel ideas, in an attempt to win them over. All plans of this kind will easily backfire.

Motivation and persistence

During the second half of August you are putting your charm in practice to introduce yourself to some very important people who might be able to help you with your work or even own personal business plans.

You sort of decide that there is no more time to wait and will maintain your focus and motivation for days in a row. It may be that at first you don’t succeed but surely, with your persistence, you will be eventually given the right consideration.

Some native will benefit from surprising allies in their endeavours, however, there may be a word of warning here, to check what personal agenda these allies might have, because you might end up fighting for others rather than yourself.

An honest end

It seems that around the 26th you will be seeing everything in either pink or black. You will tend to move from one moment of optimism to one of complete pessimism in a second.

It is not that you are moody, it is just that your expectations may come across new evidence, which in turn brings you back with your feet on the ground.

Because you are tackling everything with objectivity and actually say things as they are, don’t be surprised if your friends sort of get a break from you. It seems that the stars push you towards this honest state and you have nothing to lose from just being yourself.

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