Virgo August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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August appears to be a “fast forward” type of month for you and a lot of what you set out to do will advance a lot quicker than expected. You may even feel that you are losing touch with whatever is going on and that, given your other commitments, you will not be able to keep up entirely.

There may be some travel involved as well, which, although may raise your stress levels to almost difficult levels, will also provide you with some very good life lessons.

It may be that you are going through something you have never been to and obviously, a usual go to of yours, past experience, won’t really apply here. But you are very calculated and will not let emotions stand in your way.

As for your personal life, it may be that you are trying to keep some thoughts to yourself and get some time for introspection, but your partner will have demands of their own and you will need to prioritise. You are loving and understanding on the outside although you may be going through your own personal struggle on the inside.


TOP TIP of the month: The stars are also promising some sort of financial benefits linked to your work and your meetings with some very important people are going to be very successful, albeit you will also need to prepare a lot for them.

Drawing energy from others

It seems that the start of this month will be marked by extensive social contact and an increase in your entourage. It may also be that you come in contact with people from various walks of life and appear to be genuinely interested in networking.

The fact that you are genuine about these endeavors and that you don’t really expect anything in return may also mean that the chances of a fortunate meeting increase.

Not to mention that all of this is happening under the watchful eye of Venus trine Mars, debuting on the 7th, an aspect that favors harmony and contact between people. Of course Venus will try to find you love so if you are a single native, keep in mind that amongst all those people whom you meet with, there may be a very special person.


Enhance! As Jupiter and Neptune, two planets of importance for you, will be forming harmonious aspects throughout this month, good understanding, clarity in decision making and exhibiting loving attitudes will be what you are drawn to.

Anyone you would talk to would tell you that Eclipses are dramatic and full on dangerous, in terms of the changes and havoc they generate in one’s life. But what if we tell you that the August 11 Solar Eclipse will power your life in unexpected and beneficial ways.

It is one event that also favours debates and conflict may surface from where you least expect it but with just a pinch of diplomacy, you can get out unscathed from these situations.

An eclipse may generally bring news in one’s life and may also mean that some travel will be involved in order for you to attain your goals.

Given that during the same period you may still be under the less fortunate influence of Mercury retrograde, it is important that you chase people and manage to stay on top of your commitments, to ensure you overcome any unwanted disruptions or delays.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury sextile Venus disposition occurring on the 18th will help you loosen up a bit and relax. As this falls on a Saturday you can imagine that there is literally no excuse for you not to spend the day doing something that you very much enjoy in the company of those dear to you.

Generous times

When Jupiter forms a trine to Neptune, as will be the case on the 19th, your idealistic goals will surface and it appears that the stars will help you find the means to accomplish them. Anything that has to do with community and a vision for the success of a group of people in need will be favoured.

You are moving away from the need to amass property and are more than pleased to put your earnings to a higher purpose. Achieving further material possessions and how hard you are going to work, will be the vehicle towards spiritual accomplishments.

Some natives may be tempted into some kind of romance, perhaps after they have met another volunteer. Of course that testing the water with such a relationship will ensure that you keep your humanitarian efforts going for a longer time, now that you also want to impress this new person.


Watch out! You may, however, wish to keep the romance and the work aspects separate in your life, otherwise you may be influenced in believing something that may not be completely true and then romantic disappointment may follow.

When the Sun forms two very important trines with the planet of quick advancement, Saturn and the planet of enlightenment and ingenuity, Uranus, you can rest assured that you will be ending this August in style.

Under the influence of Uranus you will manage to achieve your goals through methodically working each task in turn and will be able to remain calm during moments that would really overwhelm and distract other people.

Saturn, on the other hand, will bring that sense of excitement and adventure, exactly that little added extra that you require in order to keep on going.

The Full Moon in Pisces occurring on the 26th will be the culminating point to your aforementioned efforts and will perhaps ensure that you fixate any important life lessons you may have learned during this August.

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