Virgo December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 4260 views

For some, the month of December is magical, mostly because of the holidays of course. But for you, it seems that it will go beyond this. Pay attention to what others are doing, follow their lead when you feel this is right or rebel against them when is time.

But whatever you do, keep an eye on what is around because this is how you will be able to seize a lot of what is to come to you, in terms of chance, this month.

Be careful with health because stress is probably seeping through the cracks you leave every time you work hard or feel overwhelmed. There is a lot of potential, professionally speaking, for some but there is also a price to pay for that.

Others will focus more on spirituality and although they won’t necessary become more generous and understanding, what they were probably expecting in the first place, they will have actually learned a more important lesson that will reveal itself later on.

Some doubts to begin with

The more you stress about a certain possibility the more it will feel like it follows everything you do; every possible scenario you make for your plans. For some natives, it might have to do with their well-known hypochondria while for others, it is derived from their pessimism.

No matter the cause, something that by the way, you need to address, what is also important is for you to find ways to overcome this.

You are reluctant to listen to the advice of those around you, be them from family or from work, either because you don’t believe they can understand you or simply out of stubbornness.

Aside from the dangers this poses to any Mars driven initiative you might have these days, it can also set you back in terms of how you view yourself and your abilities.

In the spotlight

Around the 10th, something might come to the rescue, some kind of episode from work in which you will be the star and others, most likely someone of authority to whom you look up to, will recognize your merits.

For some natives, this might also translate into a financial prize while others will only be put in the spotlight for now. But no matter in which category you are, this high level recognition will help you move on from other thoughts.

Avoid clichés and other established rules because it seems that in the middle of this month you are not only allowed but also positively influenced to get out of your comfort zone and try, not something new but something that has literally never been done before.

What else to do

The days leading towards the 18th will be full of activity around the house and you will probably feel very useful. Combine this with still basking in the spotlight after that work episode and you won’t let any worrisome or negative ideas bug you.

Perhaps it would be useful to meet your friends and take any social promises out of the way before the holidays. In some cases, you will genuinely enjoy yourself while in others, naturally, you won’t really feel in the same mood.

Small surprises from people you haven’t seen in a while might come up in your life. Also, some will have to travel to return the favor but this can prove in a fun experience, when in the right company.

Custom troubles

It seems that you are to be taught an important lesson this month, something that has to do with moments from your life and moments from everyone else’s and with how you should react.

Not everyone is synchronized so to be happy and content at the same time or worried and with troubles at the same time.

Unavoidably, there will be those moments in which someone is on a high wave while you are down or the opposite.

But this is no reason to be grumpy or jealous with them or for them to behave badly and take it all on you when the opposite happens.

If you manage to leave those frustration feelings aside, especially with family members, you will also find a way to go through this holiday season a lot easier. You know, that time when everyone starts telling what they’ve been up to and how awesome their life is.

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