Virgo December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Your mind will not stay in one place this December and you don’t see why it should so you are not going to make any excuses for the things you are accomplishing or the things you are dumping this month.

You appear to be very self-assured and will not be afraid to recognize when someone else has a great idea and then follow that. Whether it’s the influence of the time of the year or just your inner motivation kicking in, you are going to be more interested in personal development.

Be mindful that memories may deceive you so don’t be too stubborn about the things you remember because you might be confused. Be truthful and easy going, the rest will come by itself.

As the expansive planet of good luck, Jupiter, is in your second house of material possessions, you will benefit from good fortune this end of year but will also be keener to investigate your spending habits and seek ways to improve your position.

December highlights

The first week of December will mark a time of existential questions, some of which are quite recurrent in your life. But on this occasion, you don’t seem to accompany this by anxiety but by sheer curiosity.

It may even be that the fact that you are in a good mood will bring positive vibes around you and channel some answers for you. These may surface from the wisdom of someone close, but you may find that many will be hidden under some deep metaphors.

With the new Moon in Sagittarius on the 7th, you are appreciating your home a lot and will prefer to spend most of your time there or in other very familiar places. This will give you the comfort your mind desires and will help you focus on more important things in your life.

The Mars conjunct Neptune aspect will increase the competitive spirit in you so your preparations for the holidays will be quite exciting, as you keep comparing with others and trying to out shadow them. No wonder those in the family will be confused about what has gotten into you.

Beware of a tendency to overidealize others and to expect too much from them and ultimately become disappointed because this might be one of your pitfalls this month, especially supported by the Venus Saturn sextile occurring on the 15th.

But luckily, with the conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter debuting on the 20th, just in time for Christmas and the New Year, your hopes and optimism will be restored and you will prefer to keep an open, perspective view, rather than focus on the small details.

Love life this month

Your sentimental life will be quite tricky this month because you are very pretentious and serious, always challenging your loved one. However, it seems that you are maintaining your cool and not throwing yourself into any inappropriate relations, no matter the temptation.

On the other hand, be careful during the second half of the month because you might risk falling the other way, being a little too idealistic for your own good. After the 17th, you will be more prone to making all sort of plans for the New Year.

Even those whom have been in their relationship for very long are going to be rather speculative in their behaviour and will try to obtain all sort of promises from their loved ones.

Luckily, there might be some positive influence of the family in some of these situations, with advice that will be well received and that will, again, put you on the right path.

And even with all of this, rest assured that the year will end in a passionate and romantic atmosphere in most cases.

Career aspects in December

Things are slow and steady this month, so you don’t have any reasons to complain. It is perhaps better to use your time to learn a new skill and better yourself.

Some clarifications, regarding collaborations you really wish to have, will come up, and you will finally know where you stand. You may be a little fixated on some details but perhaps your intuition is taking you in the right direction.

Beware of any important transactions around Christmas time but otherwise enjoy the rewards of your work because you deserve them more than ever this year.

Health and wellbeing

The effects of accumulated stress are going to make themselves felt in your case dear Virgo and you are not going to be very pleased with this. The weakness of your body will frustrate you and thus motivate you to exercise and eat healthy so to regain your force.

Although you may not be told what you want to hear, this is not a reason to be angry with others and remember that the feelings you are putting out there, are somewhat internalized at all and not doing you any good.

Luckily, during this holiday period you will get some time to slow down and relief some of that mental agitation you have been experiencing. Some indulging, like going to a spa and for massages will most certainly help.

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