Virgo December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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When it comes to feelings and emotions, Virgo will tend to be rather introverted this month. Expressing feelings will be more difficult in December. In addition, this month is in favor of anything stable and consistent - for example, long-term relationships.

Interactions with the close entourage are very lively in the first part of the month. Meetings, dialogues, visits, joint activities with loved ones, all blend into an interesting carousel.

Be careful to your words and gestures, because some will perceive you wrongly and from here comes a long series of conflicts.

The domestic segment is active throughout the month, so that household activities and relationships with family members will be frequent and well-disposed. There will be open discussions about inheritance, heritage objects, the sale and purchase of some goods.

The love relationships are concerned with the astral context, especially in the second part of the month. A new stage is opened, so that the terms and conditions of the relationship with the loved one or with the children will be changed permanently.

There are chances to get involved in a new relationship, but be cautious. For others, the appearance of a child or important aspects of children may come into question. Fun, adventure, hobbies throughout the holidays. In short: a month of fun and love.

December highlights

December debuts with a good period of time in the sentimental plane and in relation with the children in your life, yours or of those around. From the 9th on, you communicate more effectively with your family.

During or around the 13th, a good astral context is created for business meetings and negotiations, but also for cultivating the relationship with the partner or with that special someone.

During or around the 20th day, you are in a very good mood, a sign that successes will not be too much expected. From the 22nd onwards, you can relate more easily with your co-workers, even with those with communication problems. If the negotiations that took place not so long ago did not lead anywhere, you may have more luck this time.

The month will end in the best way possible as the stars give you a good mood, just to start the New Year on a positive note.

Virgo love horoscope for December 2019

The amorous plan announces exceptional times, with the stars being on your side throughout the month. You gradually regain your life, the desire to play and the desire to seduce and make others love you.

You are more confident in your power of seduction, more generous with your affection, more open and courageous in expressing your feelings.

For single Virgos, it can be said that a brilliant period begins, in which a person, with whom a very pleasant love relationship can begin, can be found more easily.

However, it is not the time to take on long-term responsibilities or immediately run away with the thought of marriage, and instead it is preferable to give yourself the time needed to properly appreciate the prospects of the relationship.

Those who are married or are involved in well-established sentimental relationships, have the opportunity to work on reviving their partnerships or enjoy more than ever the attention and care of their partner in life, that feeling of soul closeness and family unity.

Career and finance progress this month

This month, the career part of the Virgo sign will be more focused on cordiality and relationships at work.

Your performance may be indirectly related to the performance of your colleagues and superiors and how well you cooperate with them. This could be a positive thing if you used the authority you were given to get more results.

Teamwork will help you achieve your professional goals this end of year. Some natives of Virgo can expect transfers or relocations, while others can expect promotions or salary increases.

Those in the bottom positions may advance in a project throughout the month, but they will have to be careful not to destroy their chances of success by being too impatient or outspoken.

Health and wellbeing

December 2019 brings to the natives of Virgo a very good form of health. During the year, take advantage of your free time to relax and rest.

Take short vacations to fill your mind. A sense of optimism will predominate around you this year. This will help you move forward with all aspects of your life.

After the 20th, some health concerns may also arise. You will have to take care of your physical health. Avoid prolonged effort but also too much rest. Try to strike a balance between the two.

Make a decision related to the vices you have and which you want to give up for some time. Prevention is better than healing when it comes to your health.

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