Virgo December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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For the year’s last month, you will get the rest you so much deserve and hope for. The Sun will influence your mood to remain positive, so you’ll spend an amazing and peaceful Christmas with your loved ones.

Stress will be completely eliminated from your life during this time period. It has been a very interesting year for Virgos, so be grateful for what you have been given.

December is going to come as a reward for all the hard work you’ve invested, all those sleepless nights and days in which you felt like having no energy.

As far as emotions are going, Virgos will be introverted. You will find it difficult to express your feelings in December. Since not much will happen at work, you will be given the chance to relax a bit. This month is also a good one for long-term and stable relationships you may be involved in.

December 2020 Highlights

The energies of this month will be both of Earth and Fire. You won’t be given other choices. However, they will have you taking better care of your home and being more creative.

The most important event of the month will be Jupiter entering your sign, which will happen on December 21st and send its influences starting with the first days of the year’s end. Starting with this moment, opportunities will be sent your way without you having to make an effort in order to get them.

You will get to acknowledge your potential, not to mention you will fear nothing. Virgos will have many ideas, also be more friendly and affectionate. You may also feel anxious if thinking you’re only losing when facing the unexpected, but at least Jupiter in Virgo brings you a lot of joy and hope.

This is the perfect time for you to do what makes you more self-confident. Venus in Scorpio is going to bring calm as far as matters of the heart, body and mind go.

You should take a break and meet with people who make you feel uninhibited, as this will help you be more charming. Mercury being in Capricorn, there won’t be a problem for you to find answers to practical questions.

It will also make your holidays happier and calm. With Neptune in Pisces, on the other hand, relationships and giving affection will seem confusing. This is why Virgos will have the tendency to analyze their feelings of love. Saturn in Sagittarius will help them purify and heal family wounds from the past.

Virgo Love Horoscope for December

You may feel confused because your feelings won’t be all the time in tune with what you want. Until December 15th, Venus being in Scorpio is going to make it easier for you to communicate.

On the 16th, the same Venus in Scorpio will make you so optimistic that you’ll almost feel you’re a different person. The agitated Mars will increase your libido and have you insatiable in the bedroom.

Your home front will also be very active, whereas your marriage will only push you forward. Aside from the Venus till December 15th, in one of Virgo’s beautiful aspects, the affective energies of the month are going to be delicate.

Good period for your relationship starting with the 21st, as you’ll be more sensual. The emotional charge progressing in the last decan perhaps will change the ways in which you love and the expectations you have as far as feelings go.

Mars will invite you to make your dreams come true, have no fear, and think you can move mountains. There may also be many family gatherings and parties with your neighbours.

Career and Finances Horoscope

For the first few days of December, you will have to take care of urgent matters and some issues your colleagues, maybe business associates, are coming to you with.

Try to not worry about anything, as you will always find a way to solve problems. Mercury in Capricorn is going to reinforce your inner energy, all while helping you make the most advantageous connections.

You will have many opportunities to talk about your new projects and to go in force with the ones you’ve been working on.

Without even calculating their own efforts, Virgos will only think about expansion. They won’t be afraid to take risks and to move forwards with accomplishing their goals.

Mid-December, Geminis will play a very important into their life, stimulating their creativity and having them focus on what matters the most. Cancers will come up with crazy ideas in which Virgos will believe to begin with, but only analyzing deeper will have these ideas turned into reality.

Starting mid-December, Libras will make changes that have them feeling anxious. Many Virgos will not be in the mood to work, which is unusual for their sign.

It will be like a visceral rejection that they’re feeling towards work from the month’s beginning. The only ones making an exception to this rule will be those working in the education system, announcers, public speaker or sellers.

These categories of Virgos will in fact stand out by being very hardworking. However, they will have to make sure their loved ones support them in their endeavours because if they don’t, they will only hinder their own progress from happening.

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