Virgo December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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December will mean protection. You will be the planets’ favorite, so Christmas will arrive before its time. Impatient in nature, you will have rewards falling on your head, and this will have you feeling the pleasure of life. The stars are pointing to love.

Some beautiful evolution will be present around the 9th. It won’t be a dream, but reality. You will have plenty of energy in your love life, and especially if you’re aspiring to commit yourself in a loving or professional manner.

Then, the opportunities will be there. These good dynamics of planets will allow you to be taking any turn in the day-to-day life, and this is going to be in accordance with what you’re expecting.

This month will be one of gifts, a month that will be rewarding you. The atmosphere will be light, and even if some constraints will be in line, you will still keep on going. People in your surroundings will be happy for you and what you have managed to achieve.

December 2022 Highlights

Until the 22nd, relax and rest more, keeping in mind what has been discussed about your health in the yearly report. The planets being displaced towards your chart’s Western sector and not complete yet, will also suggest that there’s a need for you to moderate voluntary work and no longer go through any power struggles.

Remain focused on emotional and domestic matters, paying minimum attention to profession. You need to do what you’re supposed to do yet give more attention to home and family. December will bring more difficulties in the family and home setting.

Just lay low for a while, cutting back on activities. You might be signalled about an important renovation or change in the home. Perhaps some pipes and cables have been bothering you for too long, as well as some critters, so you need to get to work and take action.

The good news is that positive things are going to happen. You might want to move or sell your home, which will be good and not at all stressful or annoying. There’s a path laid out and you need to follow it, being able to do very little.

Also, check your communication equipment and car. It’s alright to be feeling nervous and weird, also expect to have dreams that are strange.

You have increasingly explosive emotions with every day that passes, so remain calm and above the water. Keep an eye on your own energy. Love will greatly improve, even though Mars being in a difficult aspect with your planet of love might cause conflict and some anger.

Have a wide perspective, as good will prevail when it comes to your romantic life. Now that the planet Venus will be in direct movement, finances will improve. Money will come from marketing, sales, the media, communication, and so on. After December 22nd, you will enjoy the party and a happy life.

Virgo Love Horoscope for December

With each and every day passing, you will have your emotions peaking, so you won’t do anything by half. You will live the strongest and most intense moments, enjoying getting together with your loved ones and the atmosphere at your home that makes you feel good.

Act cautiously, as around December 27th, there will be some discussion taking place, and this discussion might cause you pain. You will have a strong relationship, a relationship that you have struggled to attain, so it’s time for you to be more confident and no longer effusive with your partner.

In case you don’t have children and wish to have them, then put this task on your priority list now. Around the 17th, single Virgos are going to experience the most beautiful encounters, meaning they should not allow themselves to be deprived, nor let the opportunities fade away.

In case the meetings are superficial, then you will enjoy this period that’s beneficial to the maximum, all while waiting for a commitment to arrive. Life in the couple will be satisfying. Things are going to easily flow, so you will have a high-quality intimate and everyday life.

The month will be ideal when it comes to displaying two attitudes that are creative. Single Virgos are going to be capable of communicating with the people in their surroundings so that a pleasant dialogue is established. Therefore, there will be more encounters, out of which many will be the initiators of some courtships that promise a union that’s lasting.

Feeling secure in the couple will give natives increased self-confidence. Starting with the 1st and until the 20th, the planet Mercury is indicating that there’s a chance to move, go on brief trips with the family, or sell the items that aren’t only yours to sell.

It’s very likely that some of one of your family member’s crazy plans will have you feeling very uncomfortable. In case the person discussed here doesn’t want to receive any of your advice, then it’s wise for you to have your attention directed towards what’s positive.

For example, you could start donating objects that haven’t been used, organize a garage sale, research your family tree, or strengthen the relationship you have with the parents.

Venus is indicating that the native will be turning back to his or her roots and the family, that he or she will be secure, spending some great time home with the loved ones.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Most Virgo natives will have to pay attention to what kind of attitude their co-workers have, as these people might cause them some harm. Use your analysing skills to not end up carrying out discussions that are meaningless.

Be open when it comes to dialoguing with your superiors so that any situation is clarified. In this manner, you will win your bosses’ approval, being recognized for your responsible behavior. Those who are self-employed will face the best time for them to make a progress, and this added to what they have already managed to obtain.

Take action before December 11th. The astrological disposition will translate into opportunities of purchasing properties belonging to the family, investing, and obtaining favorable results from successions or inheritance.

There’s the indication that you will have increased confidence in how responsibilities are being delegated in the family and the economic field to those in the immediate surroundings. At work, Pallas arriving at the 6th House of Virgo will facilitate organizing current systems of work and creating alliances that are strategic with colleagues.

This 6th House configuration will reveal there’s practicality when it comes to work goals, productivity, as well as efficiency. The professional relationships will be positive.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Your natural ability of being meticulous will be useful this month, as drinking too much or eating can harm you. You will be inclined to suffer from somatizations, so you will be weaker when it comes to becoming ill.

But, as you can also be organized when you want to be, you can avoid all this physical discomfort. Spend some time outside, walk barefoot, and work with the soil. You will be good afterwards when inside, not to mention that this will physically relax you.

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