Virgo February 2016 Horoscope

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Beware of how you interpret relations with those around and don’t underestimate anyone, if you have a sharp tongue prepare to be greeted in the same way. You might have been lied to in the past but this doesn’t mean that a completely different person will do the same now.

This might turn out to be a double standard with someone you really care about being all of a sudden very suspicious of you.

Interesting to see how you will react to something that, for others might seem as a continuous period of testing. 

What you need

At some point towards the 10th of February you will start craving respect and aim at creating a certain image around you. What you might not be doing right in this respect is due to where you focus your attention.

You are trying to obtain changes with people who know you too well instead of focusing on your image at work or somewhere it would really count.

Venus through Aries provides some info about the direction your finances are going and might prompt you to ask for help although you don’t necessarily need it.

Maybe you do have some resources but you want to gather more for an investment or so. Collaboration plans won’t be best aspected at this point but what it is for sure is that plans for your home and family are quite supported so if you’re going in this direction you kind of have a green light.

Who’s to blame

Mercury retrograde will bring a bit of a haze into your life and you can’t really prevent it, prompting you to make small mistakes, forget about things, misplace items and so on, things that even yourself won’t believe that are happening to you.

Any confusions no matter how small or big will affect the harmony at home so don’t take in on your partner if you’ve forgotten to run a certain errand.

As the second half of the month commences it seems that several past mistakes are going to surface, most likely in the shape of you thinking about them and maybe having some second thoughts about decisions you have made and of which you thought were going to be permanent.

But life changes and you never know how you get back to the same kind of situation but this time you have to employ a different strategy because the old plan is not working anymore.

Feeling emotional

Personal dissatisfaction is going to be addressed by Mars retrograde whether you want it or not towards the end of the month.

You can’t really get your head in the sand and pretend this is not happening. There is no need either to totally confront your fears but what you are expected though is to be decent about what you did, what you said and what you really think about what is going on in your life.

Your partner should be the receiver of all these messages and you need to make sure they don’t get lost.

If you continue to prevent this emotional outburst you will only do yourself more harm than good and eventually, those around will feel like you have something to hide and conflict on this recurrent theme in your life will occur.

What makes you snap

Some things might be overheated at work with your usual predictions not happening and you will probably feel a bit left aside, either that you are not being told about some sort of informal change or invited some place.

Just remember when was the last time you refused such an invitation and this will serve you as answer. Maybe you have attracted a bit of resentment because of your recent behavior or maybe you are branded too workaholic to be spending time with the fun people in the office.

What you might also notice around you is a sudden need for stability and everyone demanding for things to happen exactly as they have been established.

This might not leave you with any space for changes and might frustrate you, especially in those areas where you’ve discovered new things and would be able to improve the previous plan radically.

Try to postpone any important document signing towards March and maintain a laid back position whenever someone wants to involve you in something that involves a lot of money, even if you don’t have to invest anything.

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