Virgo February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 4613 views

This February will seem like a perpetual balancing act for you, but you won’t let yourself put down by any of the matters that are overcrowding your mind. The only word of advice is to try and prioritize what you need to do and then be very focused, rather than try and multitask.

The least you let yourself panic, the more creative you are going to be. The mindset with which you start this journey seems to be all right though, especially because you don’t have any great expectations from yourself.

Being at peace with what you can and what you can’t do and trying to gain as much experience as possible, is helping you attempt solutions and not wait for things to happen.

Easily impressionable

Talking about being proactive, the first weekend of the month will be very busy, with loads of people demanding all sorts of things from you. It may be that you are attending some sort of family reunion or that you are actually the person to be organizing it.

You are easily impressed by any of the situation of those around you and quick to jump to give them a helping hand. This might make room for some situations in which you will be taken advantage of.

And you can quite vividly realize this but prefer to play the empathic card and just leave those people get away with this now. Sensible and understanding you will be seen and don’t be surprised if you are going to be approached with complex sentimental issues as well.

Love matters

Venus is making all that is possible to get you to be more competitive out there, and of course I am referring to the single natives. There is no race or anything but the more triggers there are in this direction, the more chances are for you to be interested.

Take advantage of the period around the 14, quite a calm one, to get yourself out and show how attractive you can be. Unfortunately, you might be suffering bit with your confidence, especially if you already are fancying someone in particular and are trying to get in their grace.

Don’t let fear of making a fool of yourself prevent you from trying. Apply the same strategy you are applying with other issues in your life. Only your mind can stop you and it seems that this is the biggest enemy at the moment. If something is not to be, won’t be anyways.

Getting into a routine

Since you prefer to find problems and fix them, take a close look at your health as well because the clocks are not in their best shape. You might not come up with a quick remedy but changing something will be a good start.

There is no need to exercise if you don’t feel like it but obviously, it will do you good, not only for health reasons, but also for instilling a routine of some kind.

Although you might be working on a schedule, you don’t seem to be in a proper routine this February, and this is, perhaps, one of the reasons why your mind tends to wander.

Great ability for languages and communicating with people from abroad and you should use this to your advantage. Also, you might find that you share a similar interest with one of the new colleagues.

Some rivalry to spice things up

Around the 22nd, there will be a great opportunity for you to shine and might be proposed something very interesting and challenging at work. Combine this with Mars and Uranus that may be prompting you to up your money game, and you got a whole new reason to wake up in the morning.

Your spirit of competition tends to wake up again as you will find yourself in a situation in which you sort of need to compete for the attention of someone dear. This may be the case of some sort of sibling rivalry that has been going on and off for a long time.

On this particular occasion, you are not going to play with the cards on the table and you are set to do whatever is in your powers to bring yourself in the spotlight.

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