Virgo February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 9187 views

February will be a month of small surprises and rapid changes, as there are several important planetary aspects going on, for example the partial Sun eclipse or Mars squaring Neptune.

You will be greatly impacted by them at a subconscious level and in terms of where you channel your energy but there is also a degree of self-determination, so you can work against any tendencies you are consciously not happy with.

Due to the Venus square Jupiter transit, it seems that you will exhibit a significant lack of self-discipline, that in some cases will come as a surprise to those dear to you.

Natives with responsibilities in an extended family may have a hard time, especially because everyone will try to hold them accountable for their behavior.

What you do is what you get

As Venus enters Pisces on Sunday, the 11th, synchronicities will be strong and what you do will surely come back to you. Karma’s response is high and once you get a hang of what is going on, you will certainly act a better version of yourself for a couple days.

Be forgiving if you want to be forgiven and helpful with others, even in the detriment of your own time, if help is what you are seeking for.

The magical touch of your partner will be empowering and most natives will feel more attractive than usual these days. Try to keep this vibe about you for longer, especially by not succumbing to superficial, mainstream opinions.


With a partial solar eclipse and a new Moon in Aquarius on the 15th, the second half of February debuts in style with a creative boost and a lot of enthusiasm for change. However, if you want actual results, you will need to be very organized and focused.

The eclipse is also linked to departure from traditionalism, and you may use your childhood experiences and family roots to create something new, whether through art or by advising others.

The new Moon is placed in a visionary sign, therefore there may be quite a few occasions to face the truth. Whether or not you will be willing to accept it, that is for another discussion.

If there is anything urgent to be taken care of during this time, don’t be hasty, no matter how much you just want to get over with it. Reflect and seek for the real meaning of the information you are provided.

Keeping it simple

The Mars Neptune square, following immediately on the 17th, is going to be, by far, one of the most important aspects of the month. It explores aspects of bravery and trust, and in your case, these are reflected in your friendships.

This is a good time to fight for a worthy cause, even if you are not necessarily passionate about it but a friend of yours is. Such endeavors will help you come to terms with some personal issues, although this may actually occur at a subconscious level.

Matters of discipline will surface as you learn to tame your intuition when it comes to practical matters. This is a great time to build up logical thinking, whether your learning is active, through experiment, or passive.

You are going to be grateful for certain small chances you are to receive but may also show jealousy when feeling that others are getting more than you are.

Surrounded by those dear

The Venus square Mars disposition is one to be feared, especially for its effects on relationships but it seems that on this particular end of February, you are at shelter.

There are other areas in your life that require balancing, some that involve communicating with people you may have recently ghosted.

Whether it is family members or friends who you feel did something wrong, you ought to gain contact again and put everything on the table.

The aggressiveness of Mars opposes the tact and calming demeanor of Venus, thus allowing all aspects of one issue to surface.

It will be interesting to see if the result will be a new channel of communication or if you simply gain another perspective into how things truly are.

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