Virgo February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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February can be a good month for getting to know yourself better but can also be a tricky month if you don’t resist certain temptations that are bound to come knocking on your door.

During the first half you will be very empathetic and will be drawn to helping others just out of the goodness of your heart.

There is a lot of activity in your social life but you will not seem to be that keen about accepting any invite and your pickiness might produce some conflicts.

But you will have some kind of sixth sense for the engagements that you should be attending so surely you will meet some very interesting people.

Uranus in its later third will generate a series of opportunities in the last week of the month, it is necessary that you take the time to benefit from them because there are chances of great profits.

Keep in mind the following

This month there will be several occasions in which you will be very focused on your ideas, aspirations and even daily activities. You will appear to invest the due time in everything you do and won’t accept for others to rush you.

It can be an important period to move and achieve a goal. There will also be some lovely moments inspired by love and the affection others have for you.

With Venus in your fifth house you can be sure that you will also be more playful than usual, especially during the first half of the month and there will be a vital expression of your own inner child.

You may be interested in knowing about what those close are doing and try to come up with things that can improve their personal development. All of this without meddling and without being your usual criticising self.

The Sun and Mercury in your sixth house may also prompt you to remain focused on one particular thing for a lengthier period of time.

They will stimulate your interests and occupations and the Sun can provide you with some success, recognition or responsibility in a new task.

Mercury will encourage you to find different ways of doing things and it will feel like solutions to the problems you are facing will come from unexpected places.

Virgo love horoscope for February

Your romantic priorities will vary widely this month and might leave even yourself baffled by what your impulses lead you to. There is no wonder why you might end up in some strange situations and even those close won’t really know what to believe anymore.

Luckily, there may be some improvement areas that you can work on and that can take your mind off other territories and temptations.

Jupiter is prompting you to look at your romantic situation with objectivity and to seek for the areas in which you are lacking. Perhaps you need to address some promises that you have recently made and that you haven’t kept.

Venus, on the other side, will try to balance things and make you a little dreamy, especially around the middle of the month, related or unrelated to Valentine’s day.

This is a moment for some Virgoans to rekindle a long lost flame and even to show to an ex what they are missing out on. Those who are in a relationship might need to censor this behaviour a bit, because surely, they don’t want to offend their lover.

Single natives may be faced with some very direct questions, perhaps on a date that is kind of weird but also very exciting. Whilst on the spot things will most certainly be kept casual, these questions may end up reverberating for a while in their minds.

And this is not a bad thing because it seems that the last week of the month puts everyone in a meditative mood, one that can surface some hidden desires, even some fears and subconscious expectations that have been keeping things stagnant.

Knowledge most definitely is power in this case and these discoveries may help Virgoans start March on a better foot.

Money and career highlights

There is this strange need, during the first half of the month, to reorder some personal circumstances to advantage work and career priorities. For some natives this is something they should have been doing for ages and is very welcomed.

But this harsh type of decision making doesn’t work for all, especially for those will families, kids and other commitments. This group might not be as flexible when it comes to business travel and might end up missing out on some opportunities.

Of course that this will bring a sense of accomplishment to the first group and one of frustration to the second but luckily, the balance may be kept as there are some easy to catch chances as well in the mix.

Around the middle of the month, something seems to go very well at work and Virgoans will impress their colleagues and superiors, perhaps even get some sort of financial reward out of all of this.

After the 22nd, the attitude might chance a bit and a sense of comfort and even outright laziness might surface but luckily, you can easily navigate it, without anyone noticing that you don’t really care about what is happening at work.

Your health this February

A roller-coaster of emotions and worries may arrive in your life this month and you need to be mindful of the kind of thoughts that you are feeding.

You are rather pessimistic about your health situation and tend to imagine the worst, even though you fool yourself by thinking you are realistic in your opinions.

And it isn’t necessarily your health but rather your hypochondria that is flaring up these days and which will keep you quite busy.

It won’t really help if you allow yourself to go down this path and giving up on your routine will harm you further.

For some natives, a change in habits that offered comfort in the past might affect the emotional health and returning to them step by step is really advisable.

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