Virgo February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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You will focus on your work for most of this month. Surprising news about this area will be received by you, but they are connected to something that has been around for some time.

Any source of speculation or monetary risk will need to be aggressively negotiated by you so that you can get the best deal for yourself and many questions could be asked, as lack of understanding of the issues might be present.

The favorable outcome could be very well achieved. Thoughts will be clear about what you want in your personal income, but there may be worries.

February highlights

When it comes to relationships, Virgo will tend to follow her heart rather than her brain. In such a moment, you will be vulnerable, so be careful who you open your heart to, especially in the case of new knowledge. However, if you have a long-term relationship, this openness could deepen your relationship and build trust.

You like to be as close as possible to the reality and sometimes a little austere as far as family life is concerned, you don't get carried away by the love of love. In the couple you still have some things that you consider unclear, maybe an illusion or disappointment grinds you, but there is only one unbeatable remedy - communication, dialogue.

It's time to ask or say what you have to say to the other. If you do not do this you will feel that they do not care and that is the error and the lack of transparency.

At work it seems that there will be plenty of earthquakes, due to heated discussions and, above all, due to your tenacity, when it comes to small conflicts. Ambition and arguments will help you overcome these sensitive moments, even when no one around you thinks you can accomplish what you claim.

One thing is clear, if you put your soul, trust and pleasure, you will succeed in what you have proposed. With more difficulty than on other occasions and with more resources on the verge of exhaustion, but you will still succeed.

Virgo love horoscope for February 2020

February is recommended for a new relationship or to improve the existing relationship. Instead, avoid marriage or divorce decisions. You can take advantage of this transit to carefully analyze what people deserve to be part of your life and to renegotiate the rules by which your marriage or love relationship works.

Your fifth house, that of love and passion, is energized by Mars, who joins the famous trio Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto on the 16th. In addition, your seventh house, that of marriage and partnerships, receives the influence of Neptune, Mercury (from the 3rd), Venus (until the 7th) and Sun (from the 19th) and hosts the New Moon from the 23rd, so image how busy your love life could be.

This astral context is all you can wish for if you are hoping to start a new relationship or improve or build on an existing relationship.

Whether you are married, single, in a relationship or with a complicated love status, in this period you find your desire for play, flirtation and the desire to seduce, to test your ability to attract the people who fascinate you.

In addition, most Virgos are willing to work in relationships that are already well-founded, to restore them to the right path or to strengthen them. This involves several activities in common with the life partner and the drawing up of long-term joint projects, which will strengthen the relationship.

Professional life and money

This February don't let anyone steal your dreams and stay focused on your visions no matter who is minimizing them or laughing at you about them. This can bring you great success now, especially if you pay attention to your excessive intransigence and take into account everyone's freedom of expression.

In your personal life you know that you are vulnerable, so be careful in front of whom you open your heart. You have friends but those are scarce and you must pay attention.

Money will not come straight to your pocket this month but many collaborative proposals will come your way and bear fruit in the next couple of months. The third week of February may come with opportunities to conclude new contracts or associations.

Health and wellbeing

The influences of the February transits support you in a process of interior transformation, periodic and necessary, of moral, spiritual and material cleansing.

This is a time when you have the opportunity to make radical changes in your life, to change your lifestyle. Take stock of unhealthy habits - both physically and emotionally - and start taking action to get rid of them.

Starting with February 16, take advantage of Mars' transit through the health house to restore your physical tone and regain your strength by exercising more, even if this just means walking around and taking the stairs, not the elevator.

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