Virgo Horoscope 2021: Key Yearly Predictions

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In 2021, Virgos may be, especially at the start of the year, confused about some of the dynamics in their relationships. For this reason, they should stick to the facts and not rely on others when having to make decisions about love because it’s very likely they will only be told what they want to hear.

Their imagination and creativity will be their main focus points this cycle because by using these assets, they will develop more and advance in life. 2021 is important for them as far as self-worth goes.

Virgos will cross limits when it comes to accepting who they are, exaggerating with the way they’re using their qualities. In order for change to happen in their life, they will be challenged to get rid of some parts in their personality, to sometimes avoid expressing themselves openly and to avoid showcasing their own talents too much.

Jupiter transiting through Capricorn, their solar 5th House, will bring them a boost in creativity. It doesn’t matter what they’re the best at, they need to find the right audience for their skills to be appreciated.

This cycle is excellent for studying and having a mentor. They should work with agents and promoters if they happen to artists or to run their own business. During 2021, Virgos may be more attracted to spending their time with children, and if they happen to be parents themselves, it’s very likely they’ll be prouder than ever of their little ones.

They will come across situations in which they will have to help them develop their talents, which will feel very rewarding. In case they’re feeling more playful, they should just go ahead and get silly with their children because play can change their destiny altogether.

Furthermore, this cycle will also bring them more good luck, so they should make investments, but only if they know their limits and don’t spend everything they have when doing it.

It’s very probably they will make a lot of money from their investments. This time period will as well cultivate their desire to be more loving and generous with their feelings, which means their relationships will greatly benefit from it.

Their self-confidence will increase, not to mention they’ll be more willing to transform their life through the power of love. In case they’re not allowed to let good feelings flow through them, they should go ahead and fight for their right to share them.

After all, love should be encouraged to make a circuit of energy that starts from within, goes to others and returns to the person sending it. What’s important here is that the individual who has it remains open and giving.

Pluto and Uranus will express themselves completely in their cycles of shifting. This started within some limits last year and is sure to continue for the next 100 years. The changes it brings will make Virgos want to defend themselves in front of those who are analyzing them, all through 2021.

What to keep in mind

What’s important is that in 2021, Virgos will no longer have the false impression that they’re secure. They will also be more connected with themselves, which will result in better understanding of the world surrounding them.

They won’t have illusions, but dreams that will help them grow, get reborn and express themselves clearly. The eclipses happening in 2021 will put an emphasis on their solar 2nd and 8th house.

During them, they should admit that their self-esteem influences their financial development and worth. The more they will value and appreciate the expression of their true self, the more they will attract serious material advantages.

At the same time, the influence of others will also be important for their system of value, seeing they may struggle to provide for them too. What they will want is to do anything that has value and meaning, so they will pay more attention to their relationships, especially those that make them feel like they’re based on a bond they were wishing for.

They should pay close attention to how much they want to allow others enter their inner world. This cycle brings about the same challenges as the one of Jupiter, so they should take pleasure in love and live it intensely.

Since Virgos are the most hardworking sign in the zodiac, they will feel sorry to see expanding Jupiter leaving Aquarius, their job sector, on January 17. This is when the planet will move into Pisces, the sign in which it will stay for almost the entire year of 2021, with the exception months it will spend in Aries.

As Jupiter moves forward in Pisces, their solar 7th House, they should be ready to meet new people. Some of these people will become their friends, others their colleagues, whereas some will be in their life for a precise purpose.

This transit is ideal for them if they’re searching for the love of their life. Their family members will also play a very important role for them, as the ties with these people will develop more, not to mention be bringers of good luck.

In 2021, Virgos will have the role to encourage and support their loved ones, to spread positive thoughts and enthusiasm. In the summer, the expansive Jupiter will be in Aries, their solar 8th House, from June 5th until September 7th. In this time period, Virgo natives may receive a significant bonus at work or get promoted.

Virgo love horoscope 2021

While the house of marriage and love won’t be very powerful for Virgos in 2021, these natives will still receive a lot from their romance or romances. Their 5th House will be greatly stimulated, so they should be ready for some excitement as far as love goes.

Neptune, their planet of marriage, will travel with Uranus, which is the planet of unconventionality and surprises. This means single Virgos will have out of the ordinary affairs with the most unusual people, the creative, artistic and rebellious type.

On the other hand, their relationships will also be idealistic, strange and experimental. They will be looking for perfection in love, which will be fun and exciting for them. It’s very likely they will find their soulmate in the strangest places.

At least many opportunities for romance will come their way, even if they will wonder if their partner is seriously committed and as perfect as he or she seems to be. Some of them single ones will wonder if it’s worth to be in a relationship or not.

Their affairs will be many, not to mention they will have potential to become serious, even if they won’t last for too long. Breakups will come to them suddenly and unexpectedly.

On one hand, they will enjoy the changes happening because they will want more to experiment and to have variety. Searching for the one will have them learning more about others, so they should do it for as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

The same singles may find potential partners at all sort of creative events, in casinos and other entertainment places. It’s also likely for them to meet someone at the doctor’s office.

Those of them who happen to be married or involved in something serious will have many chances to cheat, which will cause them to be stressed and anxious. In case they have made a compromise when settling, they should get ready to go through a crisis situation at home.

This will happen because they’ll realise their life is not how they wanted it to be. On the other hand, if they’re in a real relationship, things will get for them better than ever before.

Virgos will experiment more with their partner, not to mention have a lot of fun. This special person in their life will bring many changes to their connection by supplying what they heart desires the most.

Everything will be outside society’s norms and the couple will make new rules. The best periods in the year for love and establishing relationships is going to be from January 1st to the 20th, February 19th to March 20th, April 20th to May 21st, August 23rd to September 23rd, whereas the stressful ones from March 21st to April 19th, June 21st to July 22nd, September 24th to October 23rd.

Virgos should also pay more attention to their relationship when Neptune and Venus are in retrograde because these are the moments in which their social and romantic lives become more complicated.

The retrograde of Venus will happen from April 2nd until April 24th, while the one of Neptune, from April 24th till October 2nd. It’s very good these planets aren’t retrograding at the same time period because if they would, the stress would be doubled. When coinciding with a good time for love, their influence is weaker.

Virgo career horoscope 2021

In 2021, Virgos are sure to have economic prosperity because their income will increase, and they’ll have financial stability. After April 6th, everything in this direction will work in their favour the most. They may even start a new career.

Either way, they will be recognized for their work efforts, while after September 14th, they will make more money than ever. Jupiter and Saturn in the 11th House brings them more stability as far as earnings go.

They should expect to make money from a form of entertainment or to have their children supporting them financially. If they decide to make investments by speculation, they will have a lot to gain too.

Virgo health in 2021

The beginning of 2021 comes with perfect health for the natives of the Virgo sign. While Jupiter will be on the ascendant, they will be both physically and mentally fit.

Some deteriorations in their health may appear from April 6th until September 14th, while Jupiter will be in transit. During this time period, they should exercise in the mornings. After September 14th, they will be as good as new as far as health goes.

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