Virgo January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2924 views

Emotions to be put to question this January and challenges to part ways in cases where the match wasn’t the right one. Strong connections however will learn something more about themselves and will be able to continue evolving around each other.

You’ll give a lot of attention to your emotions and although at times things might appear hectic, you are actually under an interesting peace of mind that fuels the rest of your enterprises.

Some things are boiling thanks to Mercury retrograde while others are trying to cool off by entering in a cone of shade into your mind. 

How possessive are you actually?

A bit of jealousy might spike things, even if you wouldn’t usually say you are a jealous person. One reaction would be to ward this off while the other, the most likely for you to choose is that you’ll go on this suspicion thread to see where it takes you.

Even a text from another person risks arising your curiosity and then tension so things announce many ups and downs, depending of course on how much fate wants to play with you and how sociable your partner is.

Some sort of small travel, either than you are visiting friends or family or already thinking about what you’re doing this summer.

You are very alert in this regard and there is no trace of dreaming or imagination, you kind of know what you want and you go after it.

Planning vs impulses

In terms of work and plans, the first 10 day or so and the second weekend of the month will define a lot of what you are expecting and will help you align your wishes.

This will in turn promote more order in how you deal with tasks and will help you prioritize. This means that you should use the 9th and 10th to spend some quality time in solitude and not let any personal troubles influence you, at least that weekend.

Intuitively enough you will also have to put a foot in the door at some point, maybe around the 12th, and to set some boundaries with someone close, maybe a friend who has let you down and whose behavior you can’t tolerate anymore or a family member who is overstepping their attributions with you.

You’ll have a competitive advantage if you tackle the problem first before any more misunderstandings show up and you need to clean more mess.

However, use prudence and choose your words wisely but overall trying to stay away from further trouble is the best way to go especially with Saturn playing tricks with Neptune as they are.

Choosing right

Coming back to your love life, there is more advice to give in this area because you’ll also need a lot of patience in order to let things flow at their own rhythm instead of pushing them.

This will probably play with your nerves a bit, especially if the situation will fluctuate day by day. However, it is completely forbidden to try and manipulate your partner or your love interest because although success might follow, it will not be long lasting. Try kindness and honesty, it might go a longer way.

Don’t try to cure that head ache on your own however because apparently, trying to treat yourself is only going to worsen your symptoms.

If it’s time for that check up, don’t wait for anything to get real serious, especially given it’s the beginning of the year, then schedule that and follow up.

Don’t complain too much however because you don’t want to be tagged as that patient, be objective and you’ll probably receive quality assistance.

Longing after something

After the 20th you’ll have some time at your disposal and maybe you should relax and invest it in a hobby of yours, especially if that involves exercise and being physically active because mentally you’ve been enough.

Avoid mingling with the same people you work with when it comes to this time because it will ruin half of the relaxation effect no matter how close you consider you are with them.

This might also translate into being careful what you bring from home at work and in what kind of gossip you get into during office hours.

Some natives might invest in research or trying to read more in a subject of their choice just for their own development.

A good time for exams so the young ones have no reasons to procrastinate as they tend to retain and remember information better than usual.

You’ll also feel a lot more empathic and ready to help others, therefore any sign of injustice or inequality will anger you but half of the effect might just be because you tend to distract yourself from your own activities.

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