Virgo January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 4332 views

Means are less important than end goals this January so you are kind of left to your own devices in terms of what you can do to tend to your desires. Some of your choices will be natural, almost intuitive while others will probably stand out from miles away.

There will be some roadblocks as well but most of them will have to do with your own conscience or with fears about what others will believe of you.

This is why, in order to avoid that, it is important to choose what really makes you happy. It may sound as a cliche, but will do you wonders.

Caring less about what others think will also brighten the emotional forecast for you. And it is not like you weren’t playing by the rules either. There will be some days of temptation and some natives might not withstand this but that’s another topic.

Not missing anything

The first few days you are quite sharp and observant. It seems that the days to rest and party have helped you recharge your batteries. And even if you still feel somewhat tired, no one can go past you.

Of course this will prove very helpful at work but also quite annoying for your colleagues. Sentimentally speaking, you might have an event to celebrate and you should definitely not forget about it.

You might have the tendency to leave some things to the chance and in some cases, this will help relief some pressure but in others, will leave you close to disaster. This is also a warning that you need to keep an eye on the clock this month and not be late anywhere.

Influences you can’t see

Expectations from the partner or from parents will be overwhelming but it is up to you and the dimension you award them.

If you leave them in the corner of your mind, they won’t hurt them too much. But if you give them front row seats, they will be there with you for days.

And if you don’t realize it just yet, they influence you beyond the family domain. You subconsciously choose certain options because they fit better with some beliefs or what you want others to believe of you.

Meetings will be very productive although you will be putting a little bit too much accent on your position than on the topic itself. Some natives will find it hard to focus because of other distractions.

A period of suffering or surrender is over for some and you need to get back on the horse. No one will push it but yourself.

Single opportunities

Jupiter brings some people from your past and might increase the chances to find someone for those who are single. You might be surprised to actually find out where your significant other has been hiding for this long.

Don’t be too quick in reaching conclusions because there are a lot more factors involved than you can see at the moment. Not to mention that it will be even harder to think with your mind all smitten.

Original ideas will come up, maybe because you are only focusing on this the whole day. You really want to impress and be admired. This is also something those in relationships might feel but in their cases, the comfort is quite installed so they won’t probably make a big fuss about it.

You tend to view some things out of proportion while trying to shove others under the carpet. This selectiveness of yours might end you up in trouble.

Working experiences

With Mercury retrograde, you can plan as much as you can but don’t expect for anything to come according to plan. You need to postpone important decision for at least a month or even more. Prepare and think of alternatives but this is kind of everything you can do.

Team effort on the other hand is something you should tap into, especially if you don’t have to be the leader.

It will be a great experience to be part of something productive but at the same time not to have all the responsibility lying on your shoulders.

Matters of competition might spike things a bit and in the case of some, might open their eyes. IT may reveal that you have underestimated yourself or on the contrary, that you are not as good as you imagined you were.

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