Virgo January 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The Virgo will enjoy a positive period in January. Due to the favorable position of the stars, the lonely ones, as well as those in a relationship, will do well. You can also rely on your family and your closest friends. If you need some help, they will give it to you but do not forget to return this favor at the right time.

There may also be a lot of nervousness at the beginning of the year: the last rays of Mercury in Sagittarius, unbalanced by Neptune at home, threaten to overwhelm you with confused ideas, misunderstandings and mistakes.

Don’t be scared, it is only provisional, from the 4th you take the reins of your constructive thoughts, willing to reflect on the foundations of certain aspects of your existence.

You will be divided this month between a structured, effective attitude and stability and some floating relationships, diffuse or serious dissatisfactions. It's a bit of a tiring month where priorities must be rearranged regularly.

Important to note

You appear to be taking all life aspects very seriously this January and every adventure initiated under this environment has all the possibilities of strengthening in the long term.

However, you may also exhibit some attitudes that are a bit exuberant for your taste, inducing excessive desires that cannot take you anywhere else but to frustration.

As long as you remain reasonable, everything will go better and for a long time, but if you ask too much of your days, you run the risk of being particularly disappointed and having to retreat.

The second half of the month will not benefit from as much agitation, but the stars will still keep you very adept at novelties, and so you will remain fairly in your safest advantage.

Virgo love horoscope for January

After a few days of fatigue after the Christmas holidays, your mind turns to more constructive centres of interest. Venus enters Sagittarius on the 7th and will nuance your love life with some nervous tension if you do not observe the subtle nuances of what is going on around you.

In matters of love, Virgo will encounter in January different stages that will make the person with whom they share their life a little crazy.

It is not surprising that in these first weeks of the year they do not have as much desire to make love as they are happy in their relationship and love their partner. People who share their life with a Virgo will understand perfectly the situation that sentimental partners or partners, so there will be no discussions or out of tone, although yes, the spouses are going to need a good dose of patience.

In the case of people belonging to the Virgo sign who do not maintain any sentimental relationship, but they would like to find love, the fortnight of month may bring some surprises if what they want is to just fill their hearts.

If you are in a couple, you will tend to focus on the details and so the overall situation escapes you. This month you will have to abandon your various observations that, although pertinent, have the gift of exasperating your partner and your environment. Learn to appreciate the imperfection, to lose the weight of the load a bit.

If you are single, be sure that you will benefit from overflow seduction at the start of January but that nervous tension will threaten to slash some of this.

Take a good breath, do not let yourself be affected by small things and leave, for once, a bit of wiggle room at random, remember that you cannot control everything.

Money and career at the start of the year

In the financial area of your life there is no appreciable change. You are involved in other things and neither want to invest, nor are you following anything related to economics and finance, unless you devote yourself to it professionally.

You also do not have a special interest in spending money, so your checking account will not suffer too much the January cost or the havoc of the new year.

Be careful with work, however, since you will take some time to get back on track after the holidays and you will feel more stressed than usually.

During the second half of the month you will have a little scattered mind because what you have in your hands consumes all your time and energy. When you're not with it, you're thinking about it, and so there's no chance to concentrate on anything else.

Be very careful with the steps you take and avoid becoming distracted at work, because having a job is very necessary, and it is not the time for you to play with it unnecessarily. If you manage to calm down and relax at once, you could spend a little time on each thing and come out victorious.

Your health this January

The month of January 2019 begins with relative calm and stability in terms of physical health for the Virgos, who continue with the line marked in recent weeks.

In general, they will feel good throughout the month, although it is true that the Christmas excesses can cause some havoc in the following month. Your digestive system will thank you if you try to eat more veggies and leave the sugary treats aside.

If you don’t listen to this, then you might end up with some unwanted consequences. It will not be anything serious or too uncomfortable, but it will serve you as an alert so that you forget for a good season certain types of foods that are not sitting too well with you.

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