Virgo January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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This January, dear Virgo, you pay more attention to the family. Thus, the discussions you have are helping you resolve a series of older conflicts and manage to escape a long-standing tension within your family.

In addition, the availability you show when it comes to these important people in your life helps you discover a number of issues that a family member faces.

In the field of relationships, most natives will enjoy a positive period in January. Due to the favorable position of the stars, the single ones, as well as those who are in a relationship, will do well.

You can also rely on colleagues and your closest friends. If you need any help, they will offer it to you. Don't forget to return this favor at the right time.

January highlights

At the start of January you are in a great mood and very understanding so there will be several occasions in which you will give up on your pride and respect what others wish to do, even if this is not what you may want.

The atmosphere of the family life sector is animated, so good times are announced but the risk of conflicts may also increase.

During or around the day of 12, some important discussions take place between you and your partner and perhaps you instil some new rules in the couple, some that can help you mend the consequences of a previous conflict.

At work, during the second half of the month, you enjoy conflict-free interactions and effective communication with colleagues. But do expect some small challenges from your work, perhaps some tight deadlines that you will need to adhere to.

The end of January could bring in the spotlight some sources of tension between you and your loved one. Do not rush to say anything in the heat of the moment because you might regret it later.

The next day, you may have a clearer picture of the causes for which you do not understand yourself or your loved one during this period.

Virgo love horoscope for January 2020

When it comes to romance in your life, you are focused on absolutely everything this month and wish to be everywhere and do anything that can be done.

You love spending time with your dearest but they might end up feeling a little overwhelmed by all this attention you are putting on them.

You are very passionate in your endeavours but again, those close might not feel the same so be patient with them and their desires.

A stellium on the 5th House, the field of creativity is not always very good because it opens up the possibility of more options. The native may feel disoriented, feel something, but does not know exactly what this passion should be aimed at.

Single natives, around the 15th, get the chance to ignite a new passion and finally end up in the spotlight, right in front of their crush. They need to do their best to keep impressing, until the one is convinced to give them a chance.

In the case of already formed couples, the passion of the Virgo natives can resume the desire in a critical period for the couple, when the relationships tend to cool down or when they have reached a routine situation.

All this state of creativity full of the passion of the native Virgin can be a consequence of the past loves and the attitude of the native towards them. Simply return some emotions. But also karmic payments!

Professional life this month

This January is all about staying in groups and forming alliances because this is both where you gather more energy and where you dissipate it. Spend time with others and you will find that you are more productive and more creative.

The Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurring on the 12th will influence some changes in your work-life balance and will help you breathe easy with respect to some matters that have been keeping you awake for a long time.

For each sign, the aspect occurs in another area of ​​material life. For Virgo natives this transformation takes place in the field of creativity. A love full of pathos and devotion can arise.

Some others may discover something they enjoy and start practicing a new hobby.

This aspect benefits the artists, as well as those whose career involves creativity. An artist can surpass themselves from this point of life and can do the work of a master.

But in every aspect of creativity, the native has help from someone who stimulates an essential quality for the present aspects: originality.

Also a Full Moon in the 5th House can mean that the native must be generous, pay attention to those around. The success of the Virgo natives is quite close and their concern is very egocentric.

But this means that you must be careful to be generous, not to hurt anyone in the world, in society, in the workplace.

Health and wellbeing

The 5th house will be quite active this month and since this is the specific area of ​​personality development this is where your health could be affected. You live very intensely and suffer just as much and this could translate into joint and muscle pain, weakness in the body and headaches.

You will tend to turn every little nuisance into a big drama and might stress more than necessary, especially during the second half of the month.

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