Virgo January 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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The beginning of 2021 will have Virgos feeling isolated and rather alone. Maybe you’re going through a phase in which you’re trying to bring some balance into your inner world, so this is making you less empathetic.

Therefore, during the month of January, you will be more able to reflect on yourself. The Horoscope advises you to meditate and move your body, to do whatever makes you happy.

Make sure you’re taking good care of yourself, because as you perhaps already know it, being healthy matters the most. When it comes to relationships, January will be a positive month for Virgos.

Since the stars will be in favorable positions, those Virgos who are single, but also those who have a partner, will enjoy time next to a special someone.

You can also be sure your family and friends are by your side, so if you need some help, rely on these people. When you can, return the favor.

January 2021 Highlights

During the month of January, Virgos will have their emotional life affected by planetary transits, so they need to keep their temperamental outings in control.

Couple and relational life will be their weak point for this difficult time period that will eventually pass, as Saturn in Pisces will be in their 7th House. Not too self-confident, Virgos are most of the time critical, obsessed with perfection and discriminative.

All this means they pay close attention to whom they’re interacting with. January will have this area of their life affected the most, and they will find establishing connections with others to be exhausting.

However, Saturn will have a transit that will bring them positive things, as it won’t force them to understand themselves.

Many Virgo natives going through inner instability are going to express themselves creatively, as this will be the only thing relaxing them, making their corner of the world feel connected with their inner feelings.

Virgo Love Horoscope for January

When it comes to romance, January is not the best month for Virgos. Even those of them in long-term relationships will have critical moments. They will think their partner is suffocating them, which will lead to feeling irritable and wanting to isolate themselves more than often.

While it’s not indicated for them during this stage, some will find member of the opposite sex to want to trap them in a relationship they’re not actually ready to begin. In spite of all these difficulties, there will many peaceful moments too.

The Sun until January 19th, Mercury on this day, and Venus starting with the 10th and until the 31st, are going to influence your affective sector in a positive manner.

You will be passionate, creative, peaceful in your heart, not to mention you will enjoy exchanging ideas with others. Starting with the 7th, Mars will be in Taurus and bring its constructive energies.

Your libido will increase, and you may have high ideals about intimacy. Your marriage starts to improve. Heaven will promote sensuality and the feelings in your heart. You will feel emotional and have no problem communicating.

Decide to not get stressed too much about insignificant problems at home. Just enjoy the love between you and your partner. There are influences that directly impact the love sector, favoring an encounter of high-quality.

Starting with January 10th, Venus in Mars and Pluto’s beautiful aspect makes you more seductive and increases the chances of you falling in love. Someone very inspiring may appear into your life.

Career and Finances Horoscope

January’s last days are not at all favorable for closing new deals, getting new jobs or initiating any procedure. However, the rest of the month won’t negatively influence these aspects of your professional life, even if you may have some fiery discussions with your superiors.

You will feel irritated at work, especially if things don’t go just as you planned them. There will be times when Virgos are going to take their affective issues with them at work, and this is not at all a good idea.

Your Wellbeing This Month

As a result of difficulties in the couple and relationships in general, health may be negatively influenced in January. Even if you’re feeling physically strong, you will still have the tendency to ignore some mild problems that can turn into something serious.

Some Virgos will get sick as a result of not being able to express their feelings. This will have their nervous system encountering problems that will manifest through digestive disorders and pain in the abdominal area.

It would be a good idea for all Virgos to practice yoga, to train their mind and to relax. If they do so, January will be a month in which they’re perfectly healthy.

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