Virgo July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 4318 views

If I were you, I would be very careful to the people I am surrounded by this July as this seems to be the matter of make it or break it for you. The hopes and plans you have, depend greatly on what others are doing, not to mention the fact that you are kind of easily influenced by others.

And what can be more distracting than seeing others enjoy themselves while you have to work or sitting to listen about someone else’s accomplishments while you are going through a major blockage with work.

This is why, for everyone’s sanity and for maintaining good relations for the future, you need to separate the areas of your life and keep them like this for a while.

What you are waiting for

The first week will come with the reassurance of some financial gain which will most likely put your mind into action and you’ll have more courage to start or continue on what you have been doing.

Nice surprises ought to happen in between, especially triggered by your partner and you should allow yourself to celebrate those moments.

They will be able to read right through you so there is no need to deny any frustrations that might be lingering.

A good occasion to reveal other things about you as some natives might be forced to do this anyway as some secrets are to be revealed. These will most likely be connected to the youth of those in question but this doesn’t make them less interesting.

A bit of competition

Life might also bring some sort of challenge to your attention, most likely pertaining to education or work. You need to work very hard without seeing the results up to a certain time. This requires a lot of focus and motivation from you.

And while you are at it, your mind will probably wonder and find yourself nostalgic of certain things you haven’t experienced since a long time.

Jupiter still in Virgo will probably remember you of the good times with your partner but might also induce some extra demands, that won’t probably be granted.

At the same time, some matter of honor and prestige will be central to your activity around the 17th and you will find that you are a lot more popular when you express strong views. Just make sure that these actually coincide with what you believe.

Changing the track

You should leave the last two weeks of July for your family and focus more on their needs. As long as you balance things like this you will find that there are no deadlines or other situations interfering.

Some expenses are really going to stress you out, especially if they occur out of the bloom. The word of advice is to focus less on what you already did, even more if there was no alternate choice. You are not going to be very productive if you continue with this kind of thoughts.

Putting your creativity to good use will help to some extent but you might realize that something extra is required of you.

Given all this, health is going to be under attack as well. You won’t be able to control everything that has to do with you which means you will become even more frustrated.

Under pressure

Some events occurring around the 28th will probably test your patience and although they might put a strain on your relationship, it will probably be temporary and things will spring back like they were.

What you will need more is someone to talk to rather than someone to practically help you. The matter is not that complicated and you probably know the solution beforehand.

But the pressure you are under makes it very difficult to keep everything in yourself.

Given what happened in the earlier episode with the spending, you are most likely advised not to lend any money. You might be afraid not to show avarice but this time you are kind of allowed to be selfish.

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