Virgo July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 4352 views

You seem to be very expansive and social this July and although on one hand this will not make you feel very comfortable within yourself, on the other, you observe the benefits and the good rapport you build with those around and are quite proud of it.

It seems that you will have favourite days and days in which you will drag yourself out of the bed and overall you will be quite emotional. This is not very aligned with your usual consistency, but it is exactly this roller-coaster mood that will bring the most benefits this period.

You are expecting for some things to happen but of course you won’t be very patient and in the end, on most occasions, you will get things done yourself. This might overwhelm you with work on some days but you don’t seem to mind it.

Trouble in paradise

The first week of July will come with the need to justify some previous actions, perhaps because your partner is demanding it and you are not very happy about this. Perhaps you are feeling that this is useless, especially when all is done and said.

But you also need to think about how they feel and indulge them for a bit. In case you have to travel or work longer hours during this period, make sure you don’t leave this conversation hanging.

If something is not that important for you, it doesn’t mean it’s the same for your loved one and you don’t know what impact this can have on them.

When things cool down, you might be able to think of ways to redeem yourself but again, perhaps you should stay away from anything extravagant or anything that doesn’t represent you because it will seem artificial and dishonest.


After the 10th, you will be quite distracted and it seems that the best thing to do is to leave aside all endeavours that have to do with organizing things or having to focus on details. It is important that you recognize what you can and what you can’t do at a particular moment and let yourself guided by that.

The more honest you are about this and about your weaknesses and down moments, the easier things are going to be. There is no need to frustrate yourself about these shortcomings, especially in the current disposition, when things are not as demanding at work.

One of the reasons why you are distracted actually has to do with the way your mind works and with the fact that you are focusing on certain fixed ideas, that are not even possible. Behind this ideal, there is day to day like, which you have to get on with.


During the second half of July there may be some occasions in which you will have to hold your ground, and perhaps even stand up for other people. Some natives manage to achieve their objectives faster while others will have to meet with more people than they normally would.

This is going to be a great time for socializing and you shouldn’t appear all that goal seeking. There are other things to be discussed and who knows what you can find out during that small talk. Some things will even improve aspects of your personal life.

It may also be that you are meeting with a person you very much respect and whom can transform further into a role model for you, once you get to know them better.

Around the 18th, a personal reward is going to make you a lot more optimistic about the results of your endeavours than you normally are.

Personal aspects

You are slightly vulnerable after the 25th, when it comes to discussions that centre on your personal life, perhaps because you are not very comfortable with the matters at hand, yourself. This is a great occasion to acknowledge the alarm signal regardingwhat bothers you and perhaps take a bit of time to think about all that.

There is no need for meditation or talking to others, you can think about this even during your morning commute. It is more about your willingness to accept things you already know are there rather than about discovering the cause of your reactions.

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