Virgo July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The emotional charge of this July will be going through the roof but this is actually a good thing for you, dear Virgo. You are going to benefit from great moments with those close and perhaps you will achieve closure in regard to some things that were kept unanswered.

Naturally, as it’s Summer, you are going to be a lot more concerned about your image and will perhaps spend more time engaged in activities that can beautify you, shopping included.

This is not to say that you are turning all superficial because there will be plenty of moments of meditation, some of which will return great revelations.

This is a great time to focus on the needs of your immediate family and you may even find yourself in the position to counsel someone in relation to a very important life decision.

Don’t get overwhelmed however, because this will probably be your first impulse. It’s not like you need to decide for them, you just need to brainstorm and expose as many alternatives as you can find.


Enhance! During the second half of the month you are encouraged to show more emotions at work too and perhaps show that you are a fun and affectionate person, behind that professional look of yours.

Being attentive to others

The first week of July debuts with an influx of resourcefulness and a bit of cold blood as you seem to disregard your emotions or any pleading with you of those around, and will only do what is right, even if this may have an impact on you too.

And it appears that the ethical behaviour will continue throughout the 5th, as under the Sun trine Jupiter aspect your self-confidence flourishes but so does your spiritual life.

You are being content with opportunities that are being given to you but don’t really focus on the long-term.


TOP TIP of the month: Another trine of the Sun, this time with Neptune, occurring on the 8th, will focus on your emotions and this is when other people may be able to take advantage of you. It is like you are trying to compensate for the earlier decisions and now you are focusing on people and their feelings.

Your own needs are going to be put in a corner but luckily, there will be no major sacrifices for you to make. The Solar Eclipse on the 12th will find your mind wandering and you will most likely be at your best creative strike this month.

Lasting happiness and a bit of notoriety are going to creep in your life and may become priorities. Because this Eclipse is in opposition to Pluto, you may find that you feel this need to transform something in your life.

Whilst other signs may be focusing on their lifestyle, whether their image or their homes, you are going to be more interested in changing something in your partner or someone else in the family.

As the critical and observant sign that you are, your inclination towards improving others will not let this opportunity slip.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Venus trine Saturn aspect debuting on the 14th will turn the heat up in your relationship and may have the single natives be more willing to commit to a long-lasting union or move a friendship in the direction of romance.

Your charming self

Around the middle of the month work may pose some trouble and you may be unpleasantly surprised at the lack of support you may encounter.

This is not necessarily something personal so don’t take it like this, not before you take time to understand each person’s motivations. It may just be that people are disinterested because it’s the summer time and everyone has other priorities.

The Venus sextile Jupiter aspect forming on the 22nd will benefit those Virgos who are willing to jump on board a social life, at short notice. This is a good time to indulge and let others pamper you.

Use your charms to attract suitors if single or go on a romantic adventure with your partner. This is actually the best time of the month for real relaxing and for travel.


Watch out! You need to be careful at your finances in terms of not falling victims of fraud but not necessarily in terms of how much you are voluntarily spending. There is no need to try matching what you see at others.

Listen to that romantic advice because the summer heat will be further turned on by the Venus trine Pluto aspect on the 27th, which will get you more in tune with your sexuality but also with previous fantasies and obsessions.

Adding on top that Mercury will be retrograde at the time, surely there are enough reasons for you to let loose for a bit.

There is also a Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month, which is a rather emotionally charged aspect so you may want to be careful with falling in love during the very last few days of July because you may listen to you heart a bit too much for your own good, under this aspect.

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