Virgo July 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Under the influence of a strong moral conscience, you will ultimately solve many of your priorities in July. Both in professional and personal life. A sense of liberation awaits you after this.

Finally, you set your priorities and you can continue your plan. If you do not cease fight, you will surely reach your goal.

From a professional point of view, this summer will be a full of challenges, because you will face problems with your colleagues and perhaps you will have a little more to work, than you have imagined.

You will not have a breeze, but you will be struggling with the same issues as before so you are more than prepared to deal with all that is thrown at you.

You are very possessive and jealous even when you have no reason. Do not listen to what you are saying and do not take into consideration any advice that is offered to you by a so-called friend, that you already have doubts about.

If you continue on this path, you will only manage to accumulate great frustrations that will push you to take revenge on people who really have no fault. Try to gather yourself before you cause a disaster!

Fortunately, family life will be a great one and you will enjoy trips and walks along with your loved ones, which will help you overcome stressful moments.

July highlights

You might be under a bit of a dark spell at the start of July, feeling undervalued and even disrespected. But perhaps you are taking things a little too personally and those you are blaming are just going on about with their days.

Everyone at work seems to be a little impatient and frustrated, but with the holidays looming, what can you say about it. Try to be your most diplomatic self and even put yourself in others’ shoes, before you feel offended.

Around the 14th, you might want to be careful about your money and who you are lending it too. Perhaps you could follow the safe route and avoid such a situation, even if this might mean upsetting a close friend.

Your social and sentimental life might melt into a bit of a blur around the 18th, perhaps because you are becoming increasingly interested in someone from your entourage. Needless to say that you will do your best to be present at every single gathering and even take on the spotlight.

Towards the end of the month, do expect some busier times and even some work-related travel, although there will be an occasion to have a little fun on the side too. News about completing an important goal of yours will also come and things will start to be heading confidently towards the finish line with that matter.

Virgo love horoscope for July 2019

Romantically speaking, this July, you would like to be anywhere but where you are. In a full dream frenzy, you are making all sort of scenarios and expecting some very crazy things from your loved one.

But you know that they say that plans rarely fit the reality on the ground. Be sure that you will need to adapt to what is offered to you.

More caution is recommended with regard to the changes in your romantic life that you want to make in around the 15th, when things may not fit just the way you want, in terms of house, family, relationship with life partner.

Things become even more tense, complicated if you are in a marriage relationship between the 17th and the 23rd, being a period of reassessment of the couple relationship when unpleasant discussions can occur but help you find answers clear about the relationship you aspire towards. It is time to think if it is worthwhile to continue this relationship.

The end of the month changes the tone, however, and the air starts to smell of roses again and everything is looked at through rose-tinted glasses again. You will be more cautious about what you are sharing but surely, you will be just as dedicated.

It may even be that you go on a romantic city-break with your loved one, just the two of you, trying to find that elusive spark.

Career progress this month

This July, the activity of the planets in your career house will stimulate you to rethink your long-term professional projects, career direction and relationships with superiors or state authorities.

Especially during the first week, you may find that you have the best time to start new collaborations.

Some natives will take longer than others to weigh out if that work represents them and everyone will be very keen to not only get the best financial rewards, but to also feel proud of their work.

Better income sources may arise if you group with other people who have similar goals, rather than stay on your own.

You could also earn better by being more active socially, promoting your business online or getting your entourage to engage more with your business.

The second half of July will be all about paying bills, settling debts and making important purchases. You will feel very grown-up, although sometimes, also scared, by the sheer scale of the decisions you are making.

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