Virgo July 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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A return to calm, friends and projects. The Sun in your friendship house until the 22nd brings by a period of many outings with friends and projects. Mercury in Virgo, your sign, from the 13th and until the 28th, makes you the most charming and increases your intellectual power.

Venus on the 22nd and Mars in Leo until the 29th are inviting you to analyze your inner self, to be more careful when expressing your feelings and taking action.

Until the 28th, Jupiter in front of your sign allows you to evolve in the conjugal sector, for the last decan. It comes back to Aquarius, promoting your career sector. Starting with the 23rd, the presence of the Sun in Leo encourages you to be calm, whereas Venus in Virgo brings guarantees of serenity. Enjoy this delicate and warm atmosphere.

July 2021 Highlights

In July, Virgo natives will have an increased ability to establish deeper connections with others. They will go out with their friends a lot, also with their work colleagues.

By doing so, they will achieve their personal development goals, which are centred around establishing profound connections with the people in their life. Some of those they’re interacting most with will be their close relatives, or others who are asking to receive some spiritual help.

Either way, Virgos will give very good advice. Neat and the most organized natives in the Zodiac, Virgos will want in July to make repairs at home.

Those of them who happen to be architects, interior decorators or painters will be more inspired than ever, so nothing will stop them from putting their ideas into practice and achieving success.

Virgo Love Horoscope for July

Being reserved and intimate by nature, you will easily adapt to Venus, oscillating between hidden passion and talking about your feelings. Mars joins Venus in this process, so you will sometimes be shy, and other times offensive and conquering.

However, this is a month in which you’re finding out how to be more sentimental, so your new behavior will surely confuse your friends. Your complicity won’t be affected by your own words or the time you have spent in a serious relationship until the 12th, but if you happen to be with someone new, don’t worry about his or her fidelity.

You have the same feelings for your other half as ever but try to be more creative when expressing your love for him or her. The Heaven wants you to be patient and to rush to take action.

But if an old love reappears into your life, you’re allowed to hurry. You ruler, Mercury, makes your more charismatic from the 13th and until the 28th, but choose your words with calm. After the 22nd, Venus makes you more seductive and sexually attractive.

Career and Finances Horoscope

During July, Virgos will need to be as careful as they can be with their money because their financial situation looks rather challenging, which will cause inconveniences at home.

The natives’ tendency is to borrow without being able to pay pack. Those of them who are seriously thinking about starting a business that promises great profits need to think twice before doing something about it, whereas Virgos financially dependent on someone may end up being disappointed because they’re not receiving as much as they want in their wallet.

In July, natives of the sign of Virgo will have their income increasing, so they will enjoy a time period of financial stability. While they can afford to spoil themselves, the stars’ recommendation for them is to save some money for future expenses that may arrive unexpectedly.

Your Wellbeing This Month

You are analyzing yourself from 2 points of view in July. One is from your own perspective, the other from the one of your partner. Be rigorous with both, as this can have a great contribution to your own wellbeing.

Don’t hesitate to go out more and have some fun. It’s important to not self-medicate this month. Many Virgos may indeed be feeling very tired because their work schedule is hectic, but this doesn’t mean they should take pills without asking for the doctor’s advice.

Instead, they should just go out more, meet with friends, and forget all about their own problems because those of others seem to be more serious. This is the only way for their physical disorders to completely diminish.

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