Virgo June 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-05-26, 3062 views

Having the Full Moon, new Moon, Mercury retrograde, Mars and the Sun involving the sign of Gemini which is responsible for your career, well, some things need to be fixed there, and some projects need to be dropped out. And afterwards you might discuss about your growth. The problem here is that so much information will circulate that it will be very difficult to know every minute what you have to do as chances and different conclusions appear continuously.

The key for success in your career this month is to be open-minded, flexible in the given changing circumstances, but still focused on your projects. The transits offer opportunities for undertaking several activities at a time, but don’t spread your energy in too many. 

Interesting outcomes

Being natives of a mutable sign, you are to be highly affected by the planetary transits in June, but avoid becoming a victim of them and better learn their lesson as they want to teach you that your power lies in your mental energy and in the capacity to comprehend things at a higher level than average.

Very nice results might appear this month thanks to the trine on fire signs, formed by Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. The more talent, boldness and determination you put in your projects that you are preparing beyond the sight of public, the brighter the results will be. You can be a little secretive about them, but the outcome will be admired.

Romance and secrets

Starting June 5, Venus is joining Jupiter in Leo on the house responsible for secrets in a sign responsible for love. Well, should I say more? Some of you will live their love story hidden from the public, but the single ones will only feel a huge desire to be admired and even worshiped.

A special warning: Avoid acting demanding and irritated with your superiors. You better reflect upon what really makes you so nervous.

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