Virgo June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Due to all the planetary aspects influencing you this June, there is this expansive energy around you that prompts you to travel, to try new things and set out new objectives. Out with the old and in with the new will definitely be this month’s motto for you dear Virgo.

You are warned however to keep your perspective and perhaps avoid any controversial actions, not only because things might get out of control but also because, deep inside, you don’t really want to alter your image in this direction.

This June is the best time for introspective moments and for getting in contact with your deepest desires, although, at times, you will find it hard to move away from the day to day agitation. There may also be some darker moments in which your proverbial pessimism will take charge of you, especially during the second half of the month.

Spend some time with someone elderly from their entourage and try to understand how you can connect the dots in regard to things that have happened in your life.

Sometimes, what appears to be like the greatest setback of all, might actually be the helping hand the Universe gives to you, with the expectation that you reset your life.


Enhance! Social life will be a priority this June and it seems that you are going to leave worrisome thoughts aside and actually gain more confidence in the way you behave when in a group.

Gentle but challenged

With an aspect that encourages tolerance and hope, such as the Venus trine Jupiter, no wonder you are starting off on the right foot. During the first weekend of June it will all be about socializing and about seeking enlightenment.

You will be happy to share opinions with varied people and will be in no way selfish with your hard-earned knowledge. The only downside may be that you are prone to entering a world of illusions, creating all sort of expectations from the people you come across.

With a great eye for organizing things, the Sun square Neptune aspect building up on the 4th will not affect you as much. You will suffer less from misinterpretation, as compared to other people in your entourage, meaning that you will be left open to their envy and jealousy.

Around the 5th, the balance may be threatened a bit by some sort of reckless behaviour on the part of your partner, behaviour that will require a rapid decision from you.


Watch out! Avoid allowing yourself to fall down the path of conflicting goals, especially if you are in a position where you need to prioritize what to do in the next couple of weeks.

Sweet and loving, the New Moon on the 13th will only strengthen the success chances of a humanitarian endeavour that you’ve been working on for a while now.

Beware of any cheating promises and listen to your intuition because, the more something is too good to be true, the more likely it is that it’s not.

With Mercury temporarily residing in your house of career and reputation, those you surround yourself with will speak volumes about who you are as a person. Your originality will be tested by someone elderly and perhaps you will be required to come out with a sustainable solution.

In your personal life you may feel that you are not dedicating enough time to your relatives but at the same time, deep inside, don’t really want to either.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury Neptune trine debuting on the 19th will get you in a very romantic disposition, where all you will think about for a couple of days, will be how to surprise your partner.

Coping mechanisms

The second half of June will debut with optimism and a sense that you are on top of things that will only be increased by two auspicious aspects forming close to you.

The first is the Mercury trine Jupiter aspect debuting on the 18th, which is likely to simply any legal matters you may be dealing with and that will bring clarity in even the most convoluted family issue.

Friendship with important people will also come easily during this period, perhaps also blessed by the second trine aspect formed by Mercury with Neptune on the 19th.

This one will increase the impact of your communications and is likely to make your voice heard across dimensions.

Stimulating and pleasant encounters are also promised by the Sun sextile Uranus aspect, until the 25th. However, be careful as this may also come with a load of nostalgia that will be hard to cope with.


TOP TIP of the month: Your intuition will lead you towards a dangerous path in your personal life towards the end of the month, as you discover that someone has been keeping a secret from you.

The Sun will also be very busy after the 25th, forming an opposition aspect with Saturn and allowing your deepest fears and frustrations to run freely. During its influence, you will tend to isolate yourself from friends and family and won’t be very productive.

On the other hand, this is a good time for investments, for those who can focus on them, especially in preparation of the Full Moon on the 28th which is likely to bring a much-wanted climax to any professional and financial efforts that have been taking place this June.

In the background, your need to break free from routine and tradition will be boiling just as much this June but perhaps you will, again, be kept in limits, by your partner’s intervention.

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