Virgo June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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In June, all Virgos can expect to feel the strong influence of Venus, not only in their romantic life but in their other activities.

You will feel the need to go out and meet people of the opposite sex. You may not even limit yourself to one partner, you are attracted to adventure. This will give your feelings over your head, so you better figure out how it works.

Enjoy the planet Jupiter through your Sun sign until September. This literally spells luck all over the place.

That's why the energy of expansion is abundant. Keep these energies well-exploited and in balance. Keep your perspective. What are the most important priorities and objectives?

This is the best time to practice the art of conscious intention and therefore to give up some of these issues to control everything. What does that mean?

Remember that the practice of intention implies the existence of a universal intention that is the creative force of leading the Universe. You attract what you think.

Although you have the perfect ability to make things happen, do not be so distant or too aware that you lose sight of your relationship with everything that is.

Keep realistic and flexible things. Virgo is the most sensitive, most vulnerable sign of the zodiac. Give this sensitivity to your loved ones and friends. It will return to you back a thousand times.

June highlights

The first week of June might be one of the most productive but also surprisingly less tiresome. You are truly invested in what you do and this shows everywhere, not only in what you do but also in your interactions with other people.

The second week will be all about social popularity and it seems like the atmosphere between you and those you meet with is very casual and relaxed. More opportunities to remark yourself and put your ideas forward.

During or around the 14th, it is the time to discuss future strategies with your life and, or business partner, but do not forget about the present.

The same warning to focus on current and current concerns also occurs around the 20th when, during some heated discussions, perhaps in the household, you might end up losing focus of what is truly important.

Towards the end of the month you will have the chance to move away from something that has given you a great headache for a long time. You will breathe a sigh of relief and might even throw a bit of a celebration, just to mark the milestone.

Around the 27th, some discussion might take place surrounding your inability to divide yourself between your professional and sentimental life and you might be accused of letting your career interfere between you and your partner.

Be bolder in terms of your personal ideas and don’t be afraid to change the approach if you are not completely happy with the current one.

Virgo love horoscope for June 2019

Most of this June, specifically between the 4th and the 27th, you will be under the influence of Mercury, your ruling planet, when it comes to your group projects and social life.

Therefore, you are in a friendly, voluptuous predisposition, you are attracted by altruism and dedication, by opening yourself to getting involved in helping others.

With Mercury in Gemini, you gain clarity of thought and an imperious need to make yourself remarked and your ideas heard, but this is tiring and comes at an expense too.

This might impact your emotional condition and hence your love life availability too. If you are single, going out with friends and participating in various causes brings you in touch with new, exciting people, and you might be met with mutual attraction and sympathy.

They do not, however, evolve to passionate love stories, but they need time, patience, and good mutual knowledge.

Some natives may be courted in a rather insistent way by persons with matrimonial obligations, especially in the last week of the month.

If you are in such a situation, you might want to impose clear limits from the beginning, not to allow yourself to fall prey to a dramatic love triangle.

Those in a long-term relationship may have a predisposition to self-isolation and tend to lie about certain aspects of the couple's life.

But transits of June 2019 favour the integration of a more realistic vision and the design of constructive long-term strategies to remedy the situation.

It may be that a home or family project, or maybe a move with your loved one, does not go according to your expectations. Where things do not work, it is better to recognize this, first of all, and to make a point.

Career progress this month

Virgo has a fertile interaction in the social sphere, it combines love with work, enjoys a greater appreciation at work, but seems to be facing crucial moments in partnership relations.

Associations might be misleading in June 2019, so it's better to avoid them. You could possibly re-analyse the foundations of current partnerships and collaborations, and try to understand where things have slipped out of control.

You have many problems to solve and you know that you will also need a bigger amount of money. You're preoccupied with money, you get a little short changed, but you will have the chance to save yourself.

When you expect less, expensive family expenses and obligations arise. Beware, however, of loans to banks, because you will not easily get rid of them.

Around the 21st, the Sun will go through your tenth house, that of work, so will support the realization of older projects, kept in the drawer or away from the eyes of the world.

That is why you can say that you are also very good at the financial chapter. You could receive a bonus or salary increase, or you could get a promotion that also involves an increase in earnings.

You enjoy the appreciation of your colleagues and boss, you gain more easily in popularity, you can value yourself with skill and charm, using the wonderful gift of communication that you have been endowed with.

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