Virgo March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 3771 views

Don’t size up the enemy this month, simply because there is no enemy. If there is someone really bothering you, than take a look in the mirror and think twice. It seems that the tendency for you is to see in others the things you subconsciously don’t like in yourself and would like to change.

Why this is bad this March is that it will keep you from engaging with people that are actually quite interesting, simply because you feel there is something wrong. You need to come to terms with what you are experiencing on the inside and not projecting it onto others.

This will be especially poignant around the 7th in the office so try not to let this interfere with your work. The tremor you are experiencing might not be such a bad thing after all because it might put you in the position to make a radical change or at least prepare you for that.

Try something new

You are craving novelty and maybe this is why you are so discontent with everything. You feel the need to get to a second stage but don’t really know what this should be about.

This is a month of honesty and of understanding so will see if you reach that. You’ll have better chances if you are open towards those around.

In terms of health you can also detox your mind through what you eat and trough a bit of exercise, especially in the first half of the month.

However, don’t exaggerate it, especially if you are doing it to lose weight because the pounds are going to build up just like you shed them.

Around the 14th you might find some peace by helping others and getting involved in activities that are less about you and more about practical matters. You will put your brain to focus and this will do you good.

Have some principles

Being able to identify what is toxic around you will help you obtain some clarity and clean some of the areas you find difficult but might also have you meet with some of your fears, something you kind of dread.

The second half of the month will also be about superficiality and not having the patience to go deeper and some single natives might find themselves in a completely unscrupulous hunt for adventure rather than real feelings.

You will be required preciseness and some sort of calculations, either at work or at home and you’ll have to be more than accurate and detailed about it.

It might be that you don’t want to cut twice or some sort of waste or loss is involved, therefore heightening the stake.

How you feel

With this occasion, around the 20th you might show some new talents and put yourself in a different light in front of people of authority in your life.

But you know how there’s balance and you get one good against one bad. The bad in this situation might translate into some pathway being blocked and you having to change direction.

You’ll find yourself in some sort of temporary search for a practical replacement for something that has broken in the home and those with big families to support them, will probably involve everyone in searching and comparing possible purchases.

But although to some extent it might actually be fun and even count as a family activity, the truth is that you will be enough stressed and worried to actually realize what you are doing.

What did you discover

Your innate curiosity will get you even deeper in the web of solutions and at some point, it might even feel as if there is no end to that.

Don’t abandon though because there isn’t any bigger mistake that you can do because you will eventually come to a decision.

Towards the end of the month you will get the chance to improve communication with some people you have kept at a safe distance so far but the key here is to listen rather than share your opinions, no matter how much you feel prompted to do the latter.

Don’t be quick to judge any decisions or to hunt for mistakes because this is not your place in this.

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