Virgo March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 4402 views

It seems that your voice is going to be heard, loud and clear, this March so use this wisely. On one hand, this is exactly what you have been expecting in your personal life for a long while but on the other, you need to think this through and not waste a good opportunity.

The current disposition is drawing your attention to what others are doing and might make you attempt to be the savior of everyone. You are not in the position to meddle with what others are doing, especially if they are not very close to you.

Remember than not everyone wants to be saved and that you might have enough on your own plate already, even if you are pushing some things aside. Avoidance and attempting to let go of stuff is also going to be national sport for you this March.

Doing more than work

You are all in a hurry and attempt to impose this crazy rhythm on all of those around you. Luckily, not everyone is as crazy or predictable and therefore you will be slowed down just to the right pace.

There is sleep, and food and some time you should spend for yourself, it is not all work and if you can’t obtain that balance yourself, there are some people who can sort of pressure into that.

You might also find that taking some time aside makes room for new ideas and is not as counterproductive as you have imagined. If there is something to learn from this, then it is measure and balance.

Some natives might rekindle some old passions while others will set their minds on exploring and who knows, might even consider some related traveling.

Different passions

It seems that will also have an eye for beauty this month and might even see it where there is none. This might end up excluding you temporarily from your circle of friends, because they might find some opinions, quirky at least.

You will be drawn to what is at the edge of how things are done and especially to the forbidden. You still prefer to remain in the comfort of your reality but you can’t resist having a taste of what is out there.

The lucky ones are going to find out that their partners are having similar interests with them and this is going to make things easier.

There may be some interesting discussions taking place and some nights spend talking, rather than doing other things, more entertaining, in the general opinion.

How you work

Coming back to work place situations, you don’t really want to get in the spotlight and are going to be quite peaceful with your activities. You will prefer to work on your own and often refuse help because this might just bring complications with it.

There may not be such a bad idea in isolating yourself, especially if you need to focus. Some natives might actually find it easier if they work from a different place.

Exploring is coming as a theme again but you don’t seem to have enough time or energy. There may be some errands to run and other practicalities to deal with around the 18th and those are going to steal the energy you have left.

You are being quite pragmatic when it comes to your hard earned money and are not going to compromise, even if this means delaying gratification for some accomplishments.

Demanding times

The run towards the end of the month is going to instill this new possessiveness in your and perhaps you are going to be quite jealous of some people and what they have.

There will surely be some envy involved in there and your behaviors is going to let this be shown. Mars is pushing you to be competitive and fight, even when it is not the case.

Some other natives will see this more of a matter of sacrificing something from their personal lives and putting in extra effort to attain what others have.

You should focus on what is working and keep dreaming. Communication is great around the 28th, and might be a good time to open some sensible subjects with your partner.

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