Virgo March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3790 views

You may have been expecting this moment for a while now and here it is. You will be in top shape mentally this March so this is going to be a good time for communications and for working with others.

Business success will be something you are actively looking for but you may want to channel your attention towards personal development as well. Contracts and agreements of all sorts may keep you busy, especially if you will have second thoughts about decisions you have taken in the past.

With Venus in Aries from the 7th of March, you appear to be well aspected for love initiatives, perhaps a great time to indulge and pamper your love interest. In some cases, you may be perceived as more attractive and charming then you have been in the past.

Seeing the good

The month kicks off in style with a full Moon, one that helps you recognize your most recent accomplishments and what you have learned from them. Whether you had time before to ponder on this or now it’s the time, you sure have a lot going on in your mind.

Not only such activities will boost your confidence but you may also connect the dots in regard to some matters that have been keeping you awake at night.

Around the 7th, you may find that although a friend of yours may have somewhat betrayed you by changing their mind at the very last minute, there is still a bright side to what happens to you. Quick to seize an opportunity, you might embark on some long distance travel as a consequence.

Cupid’s arrow

The Jupiter trine Uranus aspect is not one to turn your world upside down but the more importance you give to love in your life, the greater the disruption. You may be surprised by at least one suitor and may need to consider where you stand.

And it seems that the arrow of Cupid is certainly not discriminatory and may hit whenever you least expect and no matter what else you have going on in your life. There may be a few days, especially around the 12th, when you will not think very clearly and when you will let yourself distracted easily.

You may also find that despite the fact that you are inclined to keep things to yourself, the more open you are, the more things fall in place. Around the 14th, you may need to manage a relatively large sum of money and temptation will be running high.

Playing up

All your relationships and social interactions are going to get animated from the 17th onwards due to the new Moon in Pisces, which appears to form aspects to Mars and Uranus, a pattern called the Medium Learning Triangle.

Jealousy may come into the picture as well, because you tend to be very protective of those around and also want them to only have eyes for yourself. You may not be in the spotlight for as much as you would like to and this means that you will act up with every occasion.

Playing the victim may get you far with one or two family members but surely not with your partner nor with your friends. You don’t want people to feel offended by your behavior, do you?

Good news, around the 20th, although you may still be battling your jealousy, there are some opportunities out there, perhaps one that involve travel and another one that involves a long time passion of yours. This means that you will spend your time dwelling between the two choices.

What Venus does to you

The end of March will be marked by an intense activity of Venus, which in your case may mean that you are turning your interest towards money matters and you will be a lot more focused on what your future looks like.

There is no time for idealism though as it seems that with the Venus square Pluto aspect you are demanded rapid decision and action. Turbulent as it may seem, this rhythm will get you going, not only these days but also for the better part of April.

When Venus enters Taurus you tend to be more interested in physical sensations and will only take notice of what makes you tick. You live for pleasure and will not make any compromises, even if this may come against the belief you have guided yourself on for the past month or so.

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