Virgo March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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For Virgos the beginning of spring comes with surprises and challenges. They will be involved in some incidents, which they could prevent if they were more careful.

Career is the word of order that dominates the month of March for Virgo natives. It's a time when you have to spend more time at work. You have to be very focused to solve some deadlines.

Errors have no place, not even now. You can lose important contracts and sums of money, by default.

Around the middle of the month there will be some moments in which you will not manage to organize yourself thus the month will seem busy and disorganized. Try to keep calm and talk to the important people in your life about how you feel. This will help you keep your sanity.

Do not neglect your sentimental side. It helps you balance things in your favor on all fronts. Single natives have a great chance to meet a person who can completely change their priorities.

By the end of March, things seem to return to normal, and there is a chance to make a new money-raising contract.

March highlights

During the first weekend of the month some tensions may arise between you and your partner on account of jealousy. At the same time, around the 6th, good professional opportunities can arise and relations with colleagues are harmonious.

This will make you feel rather conflicted about the differing moods in your love and professional life but you will cope just fine with the contradiction.

The second week also brings some professional satisfaction with a small result that you will be very keen to celebrate with your friends. And this will open a whole new social era as you will then, for the rest of the month, tend to go out with your friends quite regularly.

During the last week of the month, the atmosphere between you and someone dear in the family, perhaps someone older, might turn very serious all of a sudden. You might even end up being drawn on account of what you have been doing lately.

Virgo love horoscope for March

You can be certain that you will not get bored during the month of March in your relationships.

Be prepared for communication problems, because Mercury, your governing planet is retrograde but otherwise, you are going to be quite stable from a feelings point of view.

Some natives may be faced with an occasion to re-evaluate a love affair or how they generally relate to new relationships or making marriage or divorce decisions.

The New Moon occurring on the 6th will take place in your seventh house, the one of relationships, thus encouraging the search for new approaches, the formulation of new partner related intentions - but these can not materialize until you adjust your own attitude and expectations.

In solid, long-term couples, there is the issue of revising long-term plans and not really the short ones. Nervous tensions or difficulties in your speech may be a problem on such occasions. Maybe you'd better try to let things evolve in their rhythm.

Career progress this month

Your professional interests are going to vary widely this month, and might even pinch on some areas that you have not given any attention before. It appears that Uranus’ transit in Taurus awakens new passions in you and activates your desire for knowledge.

Many natives will also feel prompted to take action against anything that keeps them stuck and dissatisfied so don’t be surprised if you are going to find yourself speaking your mind at work, more often than you usually do.

There are chances, especially around the middle of the month, for your interventions to actually change something and if this happens, the bolder you are going to become.

And perhaps you should also know that work initiated now, will be rewarded by the Universe in 2-3 years time. The most proficient natives are those who work on real, fixed domains, which will have some interesting revelations.

And a last note, the dreaded Mercury retrograde will be upon us, between the 5th and the 28th so be mindful of any confusing situations or misunderstandings.

However, you are not going to be very affected and can continue with your plans, if you are very certain of them and have been working on them for a long time.

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