Virgo May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 3293 views

If it is something to go just fine this May then it must be your love life since all the other aspects of your life seem to be in a borderline boring phase with no novelty or at least the slightest kind of change attached to them.

Despite all this and some cheated expectations, you are quite in an optimistic mood and this might help you navigate some practical matters at home as well as some stressful deadlines at work. You also seems to exhibit a healthy attitude in regards to spending money so you will probably be on top of that as well.

A better solution

Some family troubles might see you enter in unwanted discussions with people older than you, perhaps with more authority in the family. It isn’t like you are not right or are trying to do something wrong but maybe you need to let some things go just for the sake of everyone.

Same type of situation might occur with friends also, prompting you once again to believe that there might be something you are not doing right either. The key might be in your own reactions, maybe you are too stubborn and don’t even have the right arguments to support your ideas.

The 10th also comes with minor issues to fix around the house, not necessarily surprises but more like things you have neglected and that you now have to tend to. You are very organized when it comes to tackling those chores and seem to save a lot of time and money with some intuitive solutions.

Seeing things clearly

Around the middle of the month you will need more than patience and persistence to see some things moving so this is when you might want to ask for extra help. At the same time, some natives might see things delayed although they benefit from another person’s help.

This might happen because you are not expressing your wishes and wants clearly. Adding to this mix Mars retrograde, things ought to stagnate.

Professionally speaking you are maintaining a good deal of growth and seem to be clearer with your priorities. However, you might overwork yourself at some point and you are the only one to blame for that.

If you have a deadline, then respect it but if you don’t have a deadline, try not to put more pressure on you than it is expected of you.

Limits to go past

If you’ve had some travel planned then surely you will have to follow the program but beware of long days on the road as they can put a toll on your general health. You might not be in the best shape in general and this can only make things worse.

Emotions might overcome you around the 22nd when you seem to empathize with what is going on to others, and not necessarily to people with whom you are very close. You just tend to look at matters in a deeper way and understand what other might be going through.

This whole empathy might also help you get past some personal blockages because you will understand how foolish it is of you to have such worries and what real life worries look like. On the other hand, you are not really that emotional as to interrupt or postpone your own plans and throw in a helping hand.

On the odd occasion you might do that, but only if you are prompted by someone else. It remains though a good occasion to open your eyes on the wider matters.

A change of interest

The last week of May won’t see you go too far, either because you are quite tired and need some time off or because you are stuck in simple routine activities because you don’t find the focus to deal with them once for all.

Jupiter direct is also keeping your mind busy on all kinds of matters, not relevant to actual work but related to discovering things concerning foreign affairs. You might become all of a sudden interested to see what is going on in the world and the news feed will suddenly become your best friend.

You might also find yourself expecting for some kind of verdict or resolution and this will block your other endeavors further. Some natives won’t have as much to wait while others might have to postpone some decisions for June in case they don’t hear word from where they are supposed to.

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