Virgo May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 4358 views

This month is going to put you face to face with major fears but at the same time will offer major satisfactions. You are very happy to try new things but you are also limited by your beliefs. Luckily, most of those around you are going to push things, more or less at the same time and things are going to look different.

Money is going to play an important role in what you do or in your future plans but the word of advice is to not let them govern you entirely. You might have to play some kind of role at work but you are going to enjoy it.

There are emotional matters to surface but unlike other times, you are treating them a lot lighter and don’t take them personally. You are giving your partner some space and might reach some interesting conclusions under the support of Venus.

Different challenges

The first week of May is going to see you all focused on work and you are probably not going to take too much time to think about decisions. You know where you want to get and you will have people on board because of how charismatic you are going to be.

The 5th, might require some attention, especially in regard to money matters but essentially you are set towards spending as needed in order to achieve your objectives.

This also makes you a lot more indulgent than usual so in case there is something to celebrate, your friends are probably going to line up. There is a warning though, don’t get into any secret or try to help someone who is not completely honest because you will end up being caught in this web of lies.

Trying your best

You are very helpful with someone who hasn’t really been the most trustworthy with you but it seems that you have a reason too. In the end, it seems that there will be some harsh negotiation and everyone will receive what they are looking for.

This is a great moment for partnerships and working with someone like minded but some natives are going to have quite a hard time finding that person. You will not be able to rush with some steps and of course this will create a lot of frustration.

A matter of important documents from the past is going to surface and you might have to do a bit of research work yourself to see what actually works and what doesn’t. The morale is not very high either but you can coordinate things as to overcome this.

Working around the house

Around the 20th, you are under evaluating the chances of something to happen and you might end up being surprised. This is not to say that it is going to be an unpleasant surprise. It’s just that you won’t know how to react.

There is an excellent time to get in contact with friends you have not seen in a while so don’t let matters from work put you off.

Love life will get a lot more exciting, perhaps because your partner is going through a good period and they are quite relaxed.

Some natives will start some repairs around the house or might even search for a new place. In any way, this makes you a lot more responsible in this area of your life, than you have been in the past months. Again, this might contribute to a good state of mind of your partner.

Discussion time

The last week of the month will be dedicated to all sorts of intellectual efforts and it seems that you will spend a lot of time online. Whether you are researching for something personal or for work, you are well invested and objective.

When it comes to family matters, this might create some discussions around the house, especially if you prove yourself insensible at the needs of those close.

Do expect some harsh words and criticism. You might even feel that you are wronged but there won’t be much come back because you are probably in the minority with this one. In the end, an acceptable solution will prevail, but who knows at what cost.

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