Virgo May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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If you must count on some stars to help you out this May, then you should bet on the Moon and on Mercury as these are going to be your greatest protectors.

Whilst the Moon may stir emotions up for everyone else, in your case it will actually action as a stabilizer, bringing more clarity or at least a different dimension to your perspective.

A little bit more unpredictable, Mercury will ensure you don’t get bored and will facilitate some work projects. You will show just how witty you are and will probably have the right words with you at all times.

There may be a downside however, as some plans of yours may be postponed, perhaps because there have been some momentary lapses in your focus and some resources may be missing.

You may also find that your positive actions, like helping those in need, will reflect best on you and will bring about good karma.

Your interactions with authority figures are going to be from a different domain this May, you will surprise everyone with how fearless you are and how freely you approach, even the most difficult of subjects.


TOP TIP of the month: Some may be wary about Jupiter and Saturn retrograde at the same time but in your case, although this is not the time to make official any romantic relationship, it is a good time to do your research and have a real think about what you want to do.

Time to put your mind to work

The first week of May will come to a halt with a rather tense square aspect between Mercury and Pluto, aspect that will threaten any fragile balance you may have won during the first few days.

For some natives, this is directly linked to work efforts but for others, it may have to do with a small victory they have gained in a family dispute, victory that is now sort of recalled.

Those who’ve been long interested in pursuing an educational endeavor should go ahead with opportunities of this kind that come their way in May. This is not a time to be afraid or to keep asking yourself what if.


Astrological aspect of the month: Mercury, your ruler moves into the ninth house on the 13th, prompting you to courageously seek support amongst your very talented and resourceful acquaintances.

Artistic endeavors that pertain to the visual sphere, such as painting or photography will also be benefited and there will be a high concentration of great art produced this month. Recognition may come later, of course.

Some of your controlling tendencies, exhibited in April, will grind to a halt, especially from the 13th onwards. You will be too busy dealing with day to day activities and some extra projects to keep checking what others are doing.

With Venus arriving in Cancer on the 19th, your nurturing tendencies will make themselves felt. But as we all know it, your love is a tough one so instead of soothing, you may actually bring out a repertoire of harsh motivational words. Whatever works!


Watch out! May want to be avoid rapid decisions before the 19th, especially those that involve other people. The Mars Uranus aspect will trick you into being impulsive without acknowledging the consequences.

Easily offended

Matters of what you have in common with people in your entourage will surface as Venus enters the eleventh house. Your social life is becoming busier and busier, but so are your dilemmas.

An off comment from a friend may stir your emotions further, perhaps in regard to the slow progress of a professional plan of yours. Whilst you may not necessarily feel put to the corner, you will not forget this indiscretion and may already be thinking about how to pay it back.


Enhance: The aspect of second half of May will benefit those who are trying to make up for past mistakes or who are trying to harmonize their family relationships. You will be able to bring forward solutions that please everyone, without any need for compromise.

The Venus Saturn opposition lasting for 2 days from the 25th of May will make you feel rather lonely, although you will most likely be surrounded by a lot of people, and a quality bunch if we may say.

You will be inclined to lash out at your partner about anything private they are doing and perhaps blame them for neglecting you.

Whilst in some cases this may actually be true, in the majority this will only be a product of the Virgo’s wealthy imagination.

The very last three days of the month will bring relevant career advance, perhaps even a promotion for some lucky natives. The Venus Jupiter trine is one bursting with optimism so you will likely be preparing to embrace June with a fresh vision.

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